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Ground to dock ramps from Copperloy provides the safest and most productive way to connect your dock to ground level.  If you are looking for a portable or mobile dock ramp or semi-truck ramp, consider the Copperloy Yard Ramp.  Portable yard ramps are easy to use and quick to raise, and the newly redesigned positioning sleeve means less wear and tear and better reliability. Copperloy mobile dock ramps offer excellent stability due to a centrally located cylinder that significantly reduces the likelihood of tipping. Each portable dock ramp features an 8-foot level-off to allow safe and easy access for forklifts. Additional safety features include a 15-inch lip and an 8-foot safety chain to eliminate the risk of the ramp pulling away from the truck. Copperloy’s hydraulic pump requires only half the effort needed to raise than other loading dock ramps, and is located where it is protected from dirt, debris, and damage. The dock ramps are made from high-strength steel and the spacing on the grating allows rain, snow, and debris to pass through without collecting on the surface of the ramp.

Easier operation – The hydraulic pump’s external location provides convenient access to simplify operation.

Faster raise times – Copperloy dock ramps raise two and a half times faster than competing ramps.

Less wear and tear – Rotation is focused on our ramp’s position sleeve rather than the ramp’s connection, which reduces overall wear and tear.

Greater stability – Our ramps are much less likely to tip thanks to the centrally-located cylinder.

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Types of Dock Ramps We Manufacture

We manufacture a wide range of ramps for a variety of applications, including portable dock ramps, forklift dock ramps, truck dock ramps, and warehouse dock ramps in both steel and aluminum. Whatever your ramping and access requirements, Copperloy has the ramp solution you need to get the job done.

Dock Ramp

Loading Dock Ramp

For businesses that need to move goods between different levels, loading dock ramps are a vital piece of equipment. These ramps serve as a dependable and robust bridge between a loading dock and a truck bed or trailer, enabling material handling equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks to move goods in and out with ease. It is essential that the ramp can support the weight of the heaviest load that will be transported, including the equipment and goods.

Copperloy loading dock ramps are designed to withstand the constant wear and tear of heavy use, ensuring durability and longevity. By utilizing a Copperloy ramp, businesses can increase their productivity, reduce downtime, and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

Easy access

Dock ramps should be convenient. Our loading dock ramps provide simple and safe access from truck to dock or ground to dock.

Safety first

Safety is our number one priority, and with built-in safety features and a wide overlap, our loading docks are safe and reliable.


Our loading dock ramps are created out of either high-performance steel or aluminum and are tested for durability before they are shipped.

Portable Dock Ramp Advantages

Businesses that require a temporary or mobile loading dock can take advantage of the versatility and cost-effectiveness offered by a portable dock ramp. These ramps are ideal for businesses with limited space or those operating in multiple locations since they can be conveniently moved or stored away when not in use.

Portable dock ramps are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities, ranging from lightweight ramps that can be easily carried by hand to heavy-duty models that can support several tons of weight. They can also be customized to meet specific business needs, such as adjustable height, width, and length.

The adaptability of a portable dock ramp allows businesses to easily relocate it to various areas of their facility or even transport it to a different location entirely. This flexibility enables businesses to respond promptly to changing circumstances, ultimately improving their productivity.

Even more options

Our portable dock ramps are made of can be moved with a tow motor so that whatever your ramping needs, you are covered. Safety and versatility come built into these ramps so you can make a purchase decision with confidence.

High capacity

Our steel portable dock ramps come with a maximum capacity of 30,000 lbs. They are easy to move and handle and allow you to handle freight with a forklift virtually anywhere.

Expand your current workspace

Instead of dedicating an area of your facility to a dock, instead use a mobile dock ramp to load and unload freight with a forklift.

Dock Ramps For Forklifts

Businesses that require the transportation of heavy goods between a loading dock and a truck or trailer often rely on forklift dock ramps. These ramps serve as a dependable and secure bridge for material handling equipment to transport heavy loads between various levels.

Copperloy offers forklift dock ramps in multiple sizes and weight capacities, ranging from light-duty models to heavy-duty ones that can withstand several tons of weight. Made from robust steel or aluminum, these ramps boast a non-slip surface for accident and injury prevention.

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