Fabrication Capabilities

For over 60 years, Copperloy has specialized in the fabrication of large steel weldments. Our 65,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Twinsburg, Ohio, gives us the ability to cut, burn, weld, machine and paint each of our products without having to outsource any of the work. By having the entire fabrication process under one roof, we’re able to keep track of production and delivery accurately and efficiently. Our engineering department has all the tools and experience necessary to assist with any design challenge or custom fabrication you require.

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Our oxy-fuel and plasma burning capabilities are tied directly into a CNC Gantry system giving us the ability to closely monitor quality while maximizing plate usage. We have the capability of burning a sheet of material up to 10′ x 40′ in dimension.

Fabricating Equipment

Our experienced work force utilizes six 40′ bridge cranes with lifting capacities up to 30,000 lbs. We have 25 welding stations, each with 650 amp capacity capable of 40′ weldments.

Machining Equipment

We have multiple planer mills that allow us to maximize our capacity. The Gray can machine fabrications up to 108″ x 360″. The Niles has dual heads and machines products up to 120″ x 240″. Both mills are equipped with Digital Readouts x, y, z.

Painting Equipment

Our paint room is equipped with three airless spray systems and measures 34′ x 39′ in dimension.

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