Used yard ramps for sale

If you’re in need of used yard ramps or portable loading dock ramps for your loading dock or in your material handling facilities, then you’ll find quality used loading ramps for sale from Copperloy. Overall, used loading ramps from Copperloy provides you and your business with the best of both worlds.

You get both the quality and durability that our industry-leading equipment is known for. All yard ramps are both factory-certified and guaranteed. Without a doubt, you can trust in the quality of our products and our 60 years of experience proudly producing American-made equipment.

Used Portable Loading Dock Ramps For Sale

If you invest in Copperloy loading dock ramps, then you get great quality at a fraction of the price you would normally pay to invest in brand new equipment. Overall, this helps to both keep costs in check and improve the efficiency, productivity, and safety of your workplace.

In all, that means that there’s always a specific model that will be a perfect fit for your facility and any specific need or challenge. Call the factory to see the range of both sizes and weight capacities.

Maximizing Safety

Without a doubt, to maintain an efficient workspace, you need to maintain a safe workspace. For this reason, the team from Copperloy by JH Industries offers an exclusive selection of yard ramps that maximize workspace safety.

Significantly, all Copperloy installations come with an exclusive range of standard safety features. For example, just some of these include an 8-foot level off, smooth side plates, high-strength steel deck grating and more.

In all, Copperloy yard ramps are notable for ease of operation. To put a Copperloy ramp to work, simply first use the ramp’s hydraulic pump to move the ramp in ½” increments for each pump movement until the ramp moves to the necessary height.

Next, use chains to connect a forklift to the ramp’s exclusive positioning sleeve and move the ramp to the desired angle. Then, let the hydraulic pump valve release and allow the exclusive 15-inch lip rest on the carrier body. Finally, connect safety chains to the yard ramp and begin loading!

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Yard Ramp Categories

Watch the video below to learn more about both new and used equipment.

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Used Yard Ramps FAQ

What is the most common yard ramp?

Significantly, all applications are different and need to be treated as such. The most important component is knowing the total weight that will be on the ramp. Once the weight is determined, the capacity of the ramp can also be determined.

What is the width of a Copperloy mobile yard ramp?

To list, the standard widths of our mobile yard ramps are 70″, 84″ and 96″. However, custom widths can be fabricated to meet your needs.

How long are Copperloy mobile yard ramps?

Our standard mobile yard ramp is 36′ long and includes an eight-foot level off section on top of the ramp. However, depending on the application, we can add length to the ramp.

How long is the level off section on the mobile yard ramp?

On the mobile yard ramp, the standard level off section is eight feet long. However, we can extend the level off section in certain applications.

Why does Copperloy have an eight-foot level off on the mobile yard ramp?

Significantly, our mobile ramps have an eight-foot level to provide the forklift greater access to trailers. An eight-foot level off section helps level your forks for pallets at the opening of the truck.

What is the difference between a positioning sleeve and towbar?

Significantly, the positioning sleeve comes standard on our steel mobile ramps. It is used to get the ramp into the position of the trailer. On the other hand, the towbar is used for towing the ramp around your facility short distances (3-5mph max speed). However, the ramp is not designed for road travel.

What kind of tires are on the mobile yard ramp?

The standard tires are 18″ solid/pneumatic tires. The tires minimize the need for both air filling and maintenance. They also have lubricated for life bearings.

If you need additional details, then you can consult our yard ramp resources page. You can also find out more on wikipedia.

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Copperloy by JH Industries has been a leader in the manufacture of freight handling solutions for more than five decades. Have you been looking for dock boards or portable loading dock ramps for sale? If so, then you can feel confident in counting on Copperloy by JH Industries to help you transform your facility.

Significantly, companies across a diverse range of industries collaborate with Copperloy for premier loading dock transformations. In fact, the company is a go-to resource for custom steel fabrication and design, loading ramps, dock boards, the edge of dock levelers and more.

To keep product quality as high as possible, the team from Copperloy by JH Industries maintains the latest in both robotic and computer numerical control (CNC) technologies. Whether your next project requires customization or some new accessories, Copperloy by JH industries can help you get the job done, without a doubt. Whether you need new or used equipment, you can count on the team from Copperloy by JH Industries.

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