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Steel Face Bumper Guard2023-09-19T10:47:07-04:00

Steel Face Bumper Guard

Eliminate Damage To Building And Dock Equipment While Loading

Designed for Copperloy 2-Hole EOD Bumpers

Our new Steel Face Bumper Guard offers the protection of a steel face bumper, at a fraction of the cost. Manufactured from 5/8″ thick steel bar, the steel face bumper guard can easily be retro-fit to any existing JH Industries 2-Hole bumper design.

The Steel Face Bumper Guard deflects and absorbs the shock of the backing trailer and eliminates bumper wear or “chunking” from friction caused by the up and down movement during loading and unloading. By eliminating bumper wear, damage to the building, dock seals and edge of dock levelers can be avoided.

Ideal for loading docks which encounter Air-Ride trailers, spotted trailers or excessive daily volumes of traffic, the new Steel Face Bumper Guards will save companies time and money by eliminating the need for frequent bumper and edge of dock replacement.


  • Dimensions: 13″ (h) x 2″ (w) x 5/8″ thick
  • Weight: 6 Lbs. Each
  • Model Number: SEL-01-00109
  • Includes: All required hardware.

Copperloy Edge of Docks are ideal for leveling the gap between a truck and a loading dock. We’ve been manufacturing loading dock equipment for over 60 years right here in the USA. All of our EODs are available with our quick, 3-day shipping. With loading dock equipment from Copperloy, you’ll get more done in less time, and increase your overall capabilities. Get started by calling 800-321-4968 today.

Ideal for retrofit: The Copperloy Edge of Dock leveler easily mounts to the face of almost any dock. Transition plates and approach ramps are also available.
Safety: Every Copperloy Edge of Dock Leveler is equipped with a safety maintenance strut to secure the unit while performing routine maintenance.
Low maintenance: Maintenance is reduced to simple lubrication of hinges which come equipped with grease fittings.

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Steel Face Bumper Guard

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