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Yard Ramp Rentals | Rent a Loading Ramp with Copperloy2023-01-04T09:39:57-05:00

Yard Ramp Rentals

Yard Ramp Rental | Rent a Loading Ramp Without Long Term Commitments

Give Your Productivity a Boost with Yard Ramp Rentals

Yard Ramp Rentals | Rent a Loading Ramp with Copperloy

Do you find yourself running out of dock capacity when high-volume shipments come in? A yard ramp may be the perfect addition to your current operation, but why should you have to buy expensive equipment when you only use it occasionally?

With the Copperloy yard ramp rental program, you can use a high-quality ramp to get the job done without having to commit to a costly purchase. Renting yard ramps from Copperloy is the best way to improve productivity and save time.

With high-strength construction and innovative design, our yard ramps can handle even the toughest warehouse environments. You will be able to finish several more tasks in a single workday than ever before, maximizing your output and achieving a better return on your investment.

Choose from a variety of yard ramps including our heavy-duty models, dock-to-ground ramps, mobile yard ramps, forklift ramps, and more! With a full range of sizes and specifications, Copperloy can help you find the ideal ramp for your application.

All of our yard ramp rental options are factory-certified, so you receive the same quality and performance whether or not you decide to buy. You can always rely on American-made Copperloy yard ramps.

Discover Copperloy’s National Dealer Network To Rent a Loading Ramp

No matter the industry, or what your specific needs and challenges are. Copperloy is here to help you get the job done as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. Copperloy’s national dealer network will help you locate the loading dock equipment for your industry’s requirements. Copperloy’s products are proudly made in the USA.

Our yard ramps rentals are certified, meaning no risk is involved. When renting with Copperloy, you not only receive the safest equipment we have to offer. You also gain the self-assurance that our truck loading solutions will help you solve any unique or challenging problem.

Our moving ramp rentals offer all of the same benefits of our industry-leading collection:

  • Ensure employee safety
  • Hold up in industrial and warehouse settings
  • Improve your efficiency and versatility
  • Boost overall output and productivity

Yard ramp rentals are available across the United States. We are offering a diverse variety of options including heavy-duty models, truck and forklift ramps, dock-to-ground ramps, mobile yard ramps, and more.

We’re confident you will find the perfect fit for your existing equipment and/or your current facility. Our ramps are available in an array of different sizes and specifications. Call the factory for available sizes.


What is a Yard Ramp Rental?

A yard ramp is essentially a mobile freight handling center. Many refer to yard ramps as portable loading docks because they can be used to load trucks in virtually any area of a facility. They are also a much cheaper alternative to moving to an entirely different warehouse to increase your dock capacity. Whether you attach them to a dock or truck, they can bridge the gap with a stable, level surface, allowing forklifts and personnel to transport cargo safely and efficiently.

Efficiency and saving time are the key benefits of using Copperloy yard ramps. Our yard ramp performance and safety features actively improve workflow while minimizing the risk of injury and helping you maintain compliance with OSHA laws and regulations.

Many of our ramps offer high weight capacities, so heavy-duty freight handling is easier than ever, giving forklifts a reliable path to truck trailers and shipping containers. They also help you use up any free space in your facility, so you can get more tasks done in less time.

Videos for Yard Ramp Rentals

View our yard ramp videos here and visit us on YouTube for more of our videos!

Yard Ramp Rental FAQs

What is the height range of a mobile ramp?

The standard height range of mobile yard ramps is 38″-65″. Lower than 38″ the ramp will bottom out on the undercarriage. Higher than 65″ the forklift will not be able to climb the grade of the ramp.

How are the ramps secured?

All of our ramps ship with safety chains to secure ramps. Mobile yards ramps are chained to the trailers to secure them.

Can an edge of dock be installed to the end of a mobile yard ramp?

An edge of dock is not necessary. The ramp has a 15″ lip that rests on the bed of the truck. This allows the ramp to move with the truck during loading and unloading.

Can a mobile yard ramp be moved by hand?

A mobile yard ramp cannot be moved by hand. Depending on the ramp size, the ramp can weigh between 5k – 10k pounds. A forklift is required for moving a mobile yard ramp.

What type of warranty is offered on a mobile yard ramp?

Copperloy offers a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on hydraulics.

Is your pump a manual pump or an electric pump?

On the Copperloy mobile yard ramps, we have a manual hand pump. The pump raises the lip of the ramp a ½” with each pump.

Where is the pump located?

The pump is located on the left side of the ramp between the curb angles for protection from dirt, debris, and damage.

Find more answers to common yard ramp questions on our yard ramp resources page.