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Custom Steel Fabrication2023-08-22T14:50:57-04:00

In-House Production of Loading Dock Equipment

Located in our 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Twinsburg, Ohio, JH Industries has the capability to cut, burn, weld, machine and paint large fabrications under one roof. Our custom steel fabrication division consists of certified welders, automated robotic cells and experienced machinists dedicated to fabricating and machining precision weldments of all sizes. With over 60 years of experience making loading dock equipment, we can custom manufacture loading dock equipment for any material handling situation and have consistently met or exceeded our customer’s requirements. We are continuously creating custom yard ramps, dock boards, dock lifts and other dock equipment.

You can read more about some our custom work on our blog.

Special Rebar Pallet

Unique Rail Board

Custom Made Dock to Ground Ramp

Custom Built Yard Ramp

35,000 lbs Capacity Yard Ramp

40,000 lbs Capacity Pallet

We have an experienced engineering and design department that can work with your CAD drawings, converting them into a working 3-D model for custom steel fabrication.

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Custom Steel Fabrication

Custom Steel Fabrication Experience:

Industries Served:

Automated Equipment
Heat Processing
Machine Tooling & Fixtures
Machine/Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Material Handling
Metal Processing
Plastics Machinery
Blow Molding Machine Bases
Extrusion Machine Bases
Injection Molding Machine Bases
Structural Foam Machine Bases
Wind Energy

Custom Steel Fabrication
custom steel fabrication equipment

Materials we work with:

Low Carbon Steel
Specialty Steels
4140 HT

T1 Plate
Stainless Steel
Alloy Steel
Extruded Aluminum
Beryllium Copper
Tubing (Round, Square and Rectangular), Pipe
Structural Steel (Beams, Channels, Angles, Tees, Rails, Rounds, Squares and Hexagons)
Open Steel Floor Grating
Plastics, Nylon

Custom Steel Fabrication

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Let our contract fabrication experience give you the quality your product deserves at a cost effective price.

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Quality Dock Boards over the edge of the dock to ground ramp

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