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Custom Automation2023-08-22T14:28:48-04:00

Custom Automation

Improve Efficiency with Custom-Built Assembly Machines

Are you looking to increase manufacturing efficiency all while reducing costs and improving efficiency? Maybe it is time you looked at your assembly and automation process.

With experience in designing and manufacturing custom-built assembly machines, JH Industries offers custom fabrications designed to streamline your manufacturing process -The end-result being an assembly solution that is built to your exact specifications.

For Custom Automation Fabrications that match your exacting specifications, contact JH Industries today.

Custom Automation Solutions by JH Industries provide:

  • Increased capacity
  • Reduced costs on parts, labor and personnel
  • Improved consistency – from the first piece to the finished product

For whatever it is that your manufacturing automation needs require, JH Industries has the solutions to match. As a leader in the steel fabrication industry, we have the tools, resources, personnel and, best of all, experience:

  • From initial design through production, we work closely with you, ensuring that your precise specifications are met
  • Team of designers, engineers, machinists and welders monitor the entire process, encouraging quality, precision and excellence
  • Cutting, burning, welding, machining and painting of all fabrications done under one roof, allowing us to meet your timeline

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