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Copperloy is the home of America’s favorite yard ramp and ramps for loading docks. Our loading dock ramps are designed to be faster and easier to use speeding up loading and unloading. From dock plates, dock boards, portable loading dock ramps to stationary ground to dock ramps, we have everything you need proudly manufactured in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Yard Ramps that Speed Up Production

The Copperloy mobile yard ramp is the most efficient way of loading and unloading semi-trucks from the ground with a forklift. Used as a portable loading dock ramp it expands your dock capacity. Copperloy has earned the reputation as the leader in loading ramp manufacturing due to innovative design features for faster loading and improved safety. Copperloy’s entire product line of loading dock ramps are built for durability and ease of use this includes dock boards, dock plates, edge of dock levelers, lifts, and dock to ground ramps.

Need wheel risers and wheel chocks? We have everything you need, from dock bumpers to dock lifts. Our accessories, lifts, and loading dock ramps are proudly manufactured here in the US in Twinsburg, Ohio. We provide highly competitive pricing and lead times. Contact Copperloy for a quote today!

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America’s Ultimate Yard Ramp Features

Dock crews around the country prefer Copperloy yard ramps because they make loading trucks and shipping containers easier than ever before. Our fork lift ramps allow you to optimize your current dock or create standalone freight handling centers in any area of your facility. This allows you to expand your dock capacity at will and avoid spending time and money on moving your operation to a larger facility.

With a unique single-acting hydraulic design, Copperloy yard ramps are the quickest and most convenient loading equipment solution available. Our ramps also offer a variety of other safety and performance features:

It’s no secret that loading dock facilities can become busy throughout the day. There are constantly moving operations of loading, unloading, and transporting materials. While it can sometimes feel stressful, there’s still room for optimal efficiency. With the right equipment and the right processes, any loading dock area can be turned into a well-oiled machine of loading and unloading. That’s where dock crews turn to a Copperloy yard ramp or portable loading ramp.

A Copperloy yard ramp has been trusted by numerous industries across the nation. Loading dock managers and employees agree that a yard ramp improves productivity, daily operations, and their overall budget. With increased productivity from a portable loading dock also comes improved safety. A Copperloy loading dock will protect your employee with its advanced safety features. Dock crews choose a Copperloy yard ramp specifically for advanced loading capabilities and safety features, as well as its versatility across industries.

A yard ramp’s ability to handle heavy-duty freight allows forklifts to move heavy materials safely between the loading dock and the back of a truck or trailer. More materials can be moved at once, rather than having to move individual items one at a time due to weight limitations.

The main benefit of every Copperloy yard ramp is they offer the ability to streamline your loading processes because they can handle intense weight capacities.

Copperloy provides two types of yard ramps: steel and aluminum. A steel yard ramp can handle anywhere from 16,000lbs to 30,000lbs. An aluminum yard ramp can withstand 16,000lbs to 25,000lbs. No matter the size of the loading dock or facility, there’s a Copperloy yard ramp for everyone.

Safety is one of the top priorities at Copperloy, for ourselves and our customers. That’s why we design our yard ramps with multiple safety components. Each yard ramp features an 8-foot level off, 15-inch lip, safety curbs, and more. Our yard ramps have an 8-foot level off feature to allow forklifts to safely enter a truck or trailer at a level approach without having to stop. The 15-inch lip is designed to firmly rest on a truck carrier body, dock floor, or platform. This also ensures forklifts have a safe and level approach.

All safety curbs on a Copperloy yard ramp are 7 inches high to help prevent unwanted runoff with a patented box frame. While efficiency is always important at a loading dock facility, safety should always be the #1 priority. When your employees are safe, they can work to their full potential without being concerned about their safety or that of their coworkers.

Dock crews choose a Copperloy yard ramp because of its limitless applications. Applications of a heavy-duty yard ramp include:

  • Construction equipment, machines, and materials loading/unloading
  • Flatbed truck loading and unloading
  • Military vehicles and equipment loading and unloading
  • Tractors, skid steers, and bobcats
  • Heavy equipment rentals
  • Car and vehicle ramps

Copperloy is proud to provide yard ramps to numerous industries and facilities across the country. We are known for our dependable yard ramps and other loading dock equipment, all of which we make proudly in the USA. If you’re not sure which yard ramp is right for you, call our team today or fill out our online contact form.

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Dock Equipment Solutions from a Locally Owned Company

Get your loading dock equipment from one of America’s leading manufacturers. Copperloy offers a full selection of equipment solutions including yard ramps, dockboards, edge of dock levelers, and much more, all with competitive pricing. We are experts in freight handling with forklifts, so we understand what it takes to create equipment that makes loading docks safer and more efficient.

Copperloy has been a valuable contributor to the trucking, transportation, and logistics industries for many years. Our customers rely on our equipment because we design with their supply chain in mind, streamlining daily operations with various quality-of-life features. Our unique safety features on yard ramps and forklift ramps ensure the safety of your staff during busy production times. With Copperloy, you can give your loading dock the boost it needs to handle even the largest shipments at unprecedented speeds.

Whether you are looking to buy new, used, or even rent a yard ramp and dock equipment, you can depend on Copperloy to deliver the high-quality solutions you need.


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Safer Yard Ramps, Safer Loading Docks

All Copperloy ramps are designed to ensure the safety of everyone in your facility. When you have forklifts loading trucks and moving throughout your facility, all personnel must work in a fashion that minimizes the risk of injury. Even with forklift-certified drivers, accidents can happen, so you do not want your ramps causing you any more trouble.

Copperloy’s single-acting hydraulic forklift ramp design uses a centrally located cylinder. This significantly improves balance and stability, preventing wobbling and tipping during forklift loading tasks. Features like the high-traction deck grating and the low-end plate ensure the forklift tires always have traction and never leave the ground. Most importantly, Copperloy yard ramps keep your employees safe and help your facility meet OSHA safety standards.

Save Money with Yard Ramp Rentals and Used Yard Ramps

If you ever find yourself running out of dock capacity on your busier days, you probably need a yard ramp to keep up, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice your budget for new equipment you may not use every day. Here at Copperloy, we offer yard ramp rentals that give you a temporary increase in your dock capacity, helping you get through those larger projects.

Are you looking for a permanent addition with affordable pricing? Consider purchasing a used yard ramp. A used yard ramp is the perfect middle ground between new and rental, allowing