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Large Machined Fabrications2023-08-22T14:49:14-04:00

Large Machined Fabrications

At JH Industries, we offer the type of experience that comes from manufacturing frames, plates and structural large steel fabrications across a wide range of industries. Our commitment is to providing quality large steel plate and structural steel fabrications that are not just completed on time, but that are engineered and designed to your exact specifications.

We have the skills, resources and equipment necessary to handle your large-scale heavy fabrication needs. From CAD or 3-D model drawings to the finished product, our team of designers, engineers, certified welders and machinists closely monitor the entire production process, ensuring a quality product built to last.

Large Machined Fabrication Facilities Include:

  • 70,000 Sq. Feet of steel fabrication space
  • 40′ bridge cranes with lifting capacities up to 15,000 lbs.
  • 25 Welding station, each with 650 amp capacities
  • For large steel fabrication engineered to your needs, contact JH Industries today.
custom steel fabrication large machined fabrications cutter
custom steel fabrication large machined fabrications
custom steel fabrication large machined fabrications

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