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Turnkey Solutions for Manufacturing Equipment Needs

As a full service provider of steel fabrications of all sizes, JH Industries offers an extensive array of Custom Machinery Tooling solutions. For whatever it is that your project requires, we offer the custom solutions to match. With the entire process being conducted in-house, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your tooling solution will not just be completed within your tight deadline, but to the exact specifications that your project requires.

Custom Tooling Solutions for Increased Efficiency
Here at JH Industries, we understand that efficiency is in the details. That is why the entire process of your custom machinery tooling solution, from initial design to the shipping crate, is supervised by our expert staff of technicians, certified welders, and engineers.

To ensure that your tooling solutions are completed to exacting precision, we offer:

  • Team of designers, engineers, and precision machinists, all who are committed to precision and excellence
  • Extensive manufacturing space, resources and capabilities
  • The manufacturing process is kept in-house and quality control is closely monitored
  • Cutting, burning, and machining is completed under one roof, allowing us to meet your timeline

With the type of equipment and expertise that can only be found at JH Industries, you can expect exceptional quality and precise solutions on all of your custom machinery tooling needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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