Custom 40,000 Lb. Capacity Steel Pallet for Frontier-Kemper

At Copperloy, we’re always proud of our completed custom jobs. That’s because we’ve been able to step up to the plate facing a very specific and typically difficult challenge, and then deliver the client a unique piece of loading dock or material handling equipment which gets the job done perfectly.

The latest example of this is our work with Frontier-Kemper, a contractor who’s involved with the joint venture project undertaken by New York City’s MTA to complete the Eastside Access Queens Bored Tunnels. The ultimate goal of the project is to bring the Long Island Rail Road to the new Eastside Station which will be incorporated into Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.

As you might imagine, this is a massive undertaking. Four separate 19-foot 6-inch diameter tunnels must be constructed. Together, the four tunnels have a combined length of 10,500 feet.

Frontier-Kemper needed a heavy duty piece of equipment which could manage the huge loads of equipment and supplies they deal with on a daily basis. They needed efficiency, safety, effectiveness and durability, and that’s what we were able to produce.

The end result is a 40,000 pound capacity steel material handling pallet structure. Not only is the capacity above and beyond a standard piece of equipment, but we also provided a unique system to hold down the gear being moved utilizing ratchet straps and fork pockets. In this way, the system is similar to that of a flat bed truck. It’s tailor-made for Frontier-Kemper, and it will be in action for them on this project beginning on October 23rd.

At Copperloy, we have a 70,000 sq. ft. facility to deliver custom feel fabrication projects with our own in-house engineering team and all of the latest and best high-tech equipment and designing tools. There’s no project too big, unique or seemingly challenging for Copperloy.

As always, everything we produce is proudly made in the USA. We have a 50 year track record of meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, and we’re ready to help you with the rigorous demands and unique challenges you’re facing. We produce a full range of loading dock equipment, from mobile yard ramps to dock lifts, edge of dock levelers to portable platforms, and so much more.

Give us a call at 800.322.4968, and we’ll provide you with more information and how you can get started with a custom piece of material handling equipment.