Four Safety Tips You Need to Follow For Forklift Maintenance Ramps

How Do I Know If My Forklift Maintenance Ramps Are Safe?

Whether you currently have a forklift ramp at your facility, or you are looking to make an addition to your loading equipment, you know that safety is the top priority when it comes to ramps. Forklift maintenance ramps are used to create a platform for a forklift to travel up or down for loading purposes. Most major warehouses and manufacturers who process shipments have forklift ramps, or multiple, to run smooth operations.

But what if it’s your first time purchasing a forklift ramp? How do you know what’s safe, and what’s made cheap? Here are three important features to look for when shopping around for a safe forklift ramp.


#1 Maintenance 

To ensure your Copperloy yard ramp is in good working condition, scheduled maintenance is required. The running gear, hydraulics, and grating are just some of the key components that need to be checked. The Copperloy yard ramp owner’s manual includes a maintenance schedule. If any of the components are in need of maintenance/repair, stop using the ramp and perform maintenance/repair immediately.


#2 Securing The Ramp 

Copperloy's yard ramp linked to truck bed. Forklift preparing to access yard ramp | Copperloy yard ramps

The Copperloy yard ramp includes safety chains. The safety chains are used for securing the yard ramp to the trailer. The yard ramp must always be secured to the trailer prior to use.  Serious injury or death can occur if the ramp is not secured to the trailer. The Copperloy yard ramp owner’s manual includes information on securing the ramp to the trailer prior to use.


#3 Construction 

The Copperloy yard ramp is engineered in accordance with material handling safety standards and is tested at the Copperloy factory. The yard ramp is constructed with high-strength steel to offer capacities ranging from 16,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds. The open steel serrated grating serves two purposes, it allows greater fork truck traction and allows debris, snow, ice, and rail to fall through the open grating and not settle on the ramp. The Copperloy yard ramp has an 8’ level off section which is longer than any other manufacturer’s ramp level off section. The level off section allows fork trucks to safely drive straight into the trailer rather than on an incline.


#4 Using The Ramp Properly

All Copperloy ramps ship with an owner’s manual.  Reading the owner’s manual prior to using the ramp and educating yourself with the safety, installation, operation, and maintenance will be beneficial to you and your loading dock/warehouse team.  Reading the yard ramp manual prior to use will ensure a safe and efficient loading/unloading operation.


Why Copperloy? | Portable Forklift Maintenance Ramps

Side view of a Copperloy warehouse loading dock ramp

Copperloy products have been an industry standard for over 60 years and are designed for safety, durability, and innovation. All Copperloy products are manufactured in the USA and shipped all over the world.

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