Truck Loading Ramps | The Best Way To Load Your Trucks
Copperloy Yard Ramps | Portable Forklift Ramps

Truck Loading Ramp | The Perfect Way to Load Your Trucks

Load Faster & Safer with Copperloy

Green forklift accessing a Copperloy truck loading rampWhether your facility upgrade requires yard ramps, truck loading ramps, or dock boards, Copperloy has your solution. When you invest in products with superior strength and functionality, you invest in the productivity of your facility.

Using a Copperloy truck loading ramp gives you the capacity to handle even the toughest working conditions. Our ramps function as smooth transitions from the ground to truck beds, so forklifts can travel up and down Copperloy ramps all day without issue.

Copperloy offers truck loading ramps with the highest strength in the industry. We have been improving upon the designs of our freight-loading equipment for more than sixty years, having created America’s number-one loading ramp!

Our truck loading ramps are much safer than competing products and are much more likely to increase workspace efficiency. Without a doubt, Copperloy ramps make perfect additions to any warehouse operation, making work easier and workers safer.

When it comes to unloading trucks, Copperloy offers two popular products. Customers can choose from ground-to-truck metal loading ramps and lightweight twin lock ramps, also known as split ramps. With many steel and aluminum truck loading ramp options, you can find the ideal fit for your operation.

Metal Loading Ramps for Easy Ground-to-Truck Access

Ground clearance for forklifts is much easier with Copperloy ramps. Getting from ground-to-truck is easier than ever to trucks with Copperloy’s portable truck loading ramps. Ground-to-truck metal ramps, also known as yard ramps or semi truck ramps, expand your dock capacity and maximize productivity. These ramps also expand your overall capabilities for loading, unloading, and freight handling of all types.

Copperloy’s metal ramp design consists of the highest quality metals. Our steel and aluminum loading ramps provide optimal durability, and we have a full range of options available. Choose from heights from 38 to 65 inches, capacities range from 16,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs., and standard widths of 70″ and 84″. Contact our team for custom specifications!

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Twin Lock Split Ramps for Lightweight Loading

Copperloy twin lock ramps | Truck ramps for saleFor more than 60 years, Copperloy has produced industry-leading twin lock ramps. With durable, aluminum construction, twin lock ramps are lightweight but mighty. Split ramps handle capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs to 7,500 lbs, but they are not designed for loading with forklifts. Twin lock ramps are best for hand carts and other forms of lightweight loading equipment.

Three standard lengths are available:

  • 10-foot: Built for heights from 20 to 28 inches
  • 12-foot: Built for heights from 25 to 34 inches
  • 14-foot: Built for heights from 29 to 40 inches

The standard width is 19″ with a locked width of 38″. Features include 15-degree grade angles, 3″ safety curbs, a 12″ lip, and shark tooth decking. All features work in combination to ensure safe and smooth operation.

Standard Features of Copperloy Truck Loading Ramps

8-Foot Level Off

Forklift access is always a major concern when designing dock and truck ramps. This is why we added an 8-foot level off to make ramp access much smoother and safer for forklifts.

Convenient Design

Unlike competing loading dock installations, our truck ramps have a hydraulic hand pump on the outside for easier access and operation. This both protects the pump from wear and tear and increases convenience for ramp operators.

Forklift fork inside positioning sleeve | Truck loading ramp featuresPositioning Sleeve

This feature allows forklift operators to move the ramp a full 180 degrees. Repositioning the ramp to accommodate trucks is much quicker and easier, eliminating the need to make multiple pivots and turns.

Low End Plate and Safety Curb

Our ramps also have low end plates and safety curbs in addition to the level off and hydraulic pump placement. The 7-inch safety curb minimizes runoff to increase safety. The low end plate is lower than a forklift’s wheelbase, making forklift access even easier. As a result of this design, a forklift’s wheels can reach the grating without losing contact with the ground.

Solid/Pneumatic Tires

Many other ramps on the market use air-filled tires, which often deflate and require frequent refilling and maintenance. However, our ramps’ tires are completely solid and contain lubricated bearings. This saves you time and money by minimizing maintenance requirements and removing the need for refilling entirely. These tires also have no risk of popping under high pressure.

Key Benefits of a Metal Truck Ramp

Copperloy metal ramps are the answer for loading semi trucks, tractor trailers, and box trailers.  With direct ground-to-truck access, our ramps make loading trucks much more convenient. Copperloy designs each truck ramp to maximize space, efficiency, and safety. We have developed some of the best freight loading equipment in America, offering a variety of unique advantages:

  • Easier Operation – The implementation of the exterior hand pump and forklift access features makes Copperloy ramps much easier to operate.
  • Faster Raise Times – The raising speeds of our ramps are two-and-a-half times faster than those of other truck ramps on the market.
  • Less Wear and Tear – Unlike competing ramps, the positioning sleeve bears the majority of rotation rather than the ramp connection, which minimizes overall wear and tear.
  • Greater Stability – We design our ramps with a centrally-located cylinder, which reduces the probability of tipping.

Check out the video below to see how Copperloy truck loading ramps outperform the competition:

Truck Loading Safety

The Copperloy team prioritizes safety, above all. Not only does maintaining reliable safety practices protect employees, but it also helps your facility maintain compliance with OSHA laws and regulations. Check out some of our top truck loading tips below!

Properly Secure All Loads

Before transporting, it is crucial that all materials are secure to prevent damages to the freight. Unsecured loads create many hazards when unloading. However, you can ensure stability with load boards, vertical supports, road straps, and/or chains.

Be Mindful of the Loading Zone

It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings, and when large loading trucks are involved, it’s even more important! Stay out of the way, and remain in the driver’s line of sight at all times. Remember, if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you. Don’t enter the loading zone until the truck has come to a complete stop.

Stay Aware of Machines While in the Loading Zone

Remain in view of operators and steer clear of machines while on foot in the loading zone.  In turn, avoid injury or fatality in the event of equipment malfunction.

Map All Gaps and Drop-offs

Copperloy engineers many helpful tools to bridge the gap from one space to another. Such as dock plates, dock boards, dock levelers, and more.  Additionally, equipment features lips that rest securely on platforms. Be confident in where workers step by assuring all gaps and drop offers are accounted for.

Lift with Proper Technique

Prevent accidents and injuries by properly lifting when unloading. Lifting with your legs takes the tremendous strain off of the back muscles and keeps the object close to you while carrying.  This technique offers more control and proper balance.

There you have it! Practice these simple tips to avoid accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

If you are interested in purchasing or renting a Copperloy truck loading ramp, contact us today! Our team can help you find the perfect ramp for your operation and provide you with a free quote!

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