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Side view of a Copperloy warehouse loading dock rampLooking for new loading dock equipment for your warehouse? Consider Copperloy’s Warehouse Loading Dock Ramp.

Copperloy is a leading developer of heavy-duty loading ramps as well as other forms of loading dock equipment. So, they can deliver ramps that maximize efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, Copperloy ramps offer the highest safety standards in the industry.

Copperloy has been a leading provider of warehouse loading dock ramp solutions for over 60 years. We equip our staff with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, so we can maintain the highest possible quality for every ramp.

Here at Copperloy, we offer two central warehouse loading dock ramp options: dock-to-ground ramps and yard ramps.

Dock-to-ground ramps are a semi-permanent solution for freight-loading operations with the option to uninstall and relocate as needed. Warehouse yard ramps are a high-strength, innovative solution for warehouse and semi truck loading and unloading.

If you are unsure of what ramp size or capacity you need, our technical staff can offer expert recommendations based on your application’s unique requirements.

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Dock-to-Ground Ramps | Warehouse Dock Ramps

Pickup truck driving up warehouse dock rampThese ramps are ideal for materials handling tasks, as they make transporting freight from ground level to dock height much more efficient. Typically, dock-to-ground ramps are used for long-term loading operations.

However, Copperloy ramps are entirely customizable and incredibly mobile. As a result, operators can relocate these ramps whenever necessary, unlike concrete ramps.

Copperloy dock-to-ground ramps feature open-faced steel grating to allow snow, water, and debris to pass through. As a result, the grating maintains high traction even in harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the high-strength design offers minimal maintenance, repair, and cleaning requirements.

Dock-to-ground ramps can be installed and stored quickly, so you can always add or remove them from an operation as needed.

Dock-to-Ground Ramp Specifications

Our warehouse loading dock ramps offer a wide variety of weight capacities. We can also create custom sizes and specifications upon customer request. Standard specifications are listed below:

  • Widths: Standard widths up to 118″
  • Capacities: 16,000-30,000 lbs.

Warehouse Yard Ramps | Industrial Dock Ramps

Yellow forklift accessing tractor trailer with a warehouse yard rampCopperloy warehouse yard ramps are the perfect mobile option for ground-level access to trucks, docks, buildings, and containers. With our yard ramps, you can start a loading operation anywhere without expensive and time-consuming construction.

We offer a wide variety of yard ramp options with capacities up to 35,000 lbs., so our equipment can handle even the toughest applications. Our warehouse yard ramps also offer excellent mobility. So, you can move your ramps from job to job and load freight with forklifts anywhere in your facility.

Copperloy’s yard ramp design offers the highest durability in the industry. During our 60 years of experience in warehouse loading dock ramp manufacturing, we have been consistently improving upon our designs. Copperloy mobile warehouse dock ramps are also much safer while maximizing productivity at your facility.

Why Choose Copperloy’s Warehouse Loading Dock Ramps?

Choosing Copperloy means you always get the highest quality ramp for your unique application. Not only do Copperloy warehouse loading dock ramps offer exceptional strength and design, but they are also low-maintenance and incredibly safe to operate.

Copperloy ramps also feature a one-cylinder design. This system requires much less pressure to raise in comparison to other industrial ramps on the market. In fact, the one-cylinder design offers many unique advantages:

  • Green forklift positioning a warehouse loading dock ramp at a semi truck trailerEasy operation – The hydraulic pump’s external location offers convenient access and simpler operation.
  • Quick raise times – Copperloy ramps raise two and a half times quicker than loading ramps with two-cylinder designs.
  • Less wear and tear – All rotation is focused on the ramp’s positioning sleeve rather than the ramp’s connection, so it minimizes wear and tear.
  • Unmatched stability – The centrally-located cylinder significantly decreases the likelihood of tipping.

Furthermore, as a leading provider of loading dock equipment, we maintain safety as a top priority. Forklifts introduce man safety hazards, especially when traveling over low-quality ramps.

With Copperloy, however, you receive ramps that are manufactured to OSHA‘s strict safety requirements. This makes forklift operation safer and also helps your facility maintain OSHA compliance.

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