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Why Choose Copperloy? / Aluminum Dock Ramps Key Features

If you are looking for reliable dock systems for your facility, you can rely on Copperloy aluminum dock ramps. We are a leading manufacturer of high-strength loading ramps, so our equipment can help you maximize productivity on efficiency. Copperloy aluminum dock ramps are also much safer to operate than ramps from other manufacturers.

Copperloy has been a top provider of dock ramps and loading dock equipment for over 60 years. We also equip our expert engineering team with state-of-the-art machinery. As a result, we have earned our spot as a leader ramp design and production, ensuring every client receives the best equipment for their facility.

At Copperloy, safety is a top priority in the development of high-quality loading dock equipment. Forklifts introduce many potential risks and safety hazards, so we always design our aluminum dock ramps to OSHA‘s strict safety requirements. This also helps you maintain OSHA compliance at your facility.

OSHA compliance begins with purchasing dock ramps from a proven manufacturer of yard ramp equipment. Copperloy dock ramps are designed to meet all OSHA standards, so you can ensure the safety of your forklift operators.

If you are not sure which size and load capacity you need, contact Copperloy today for expert recommendations based on your facility’s freight-loading operations.

Why Choose Copperloy Aluminum Dock Ramps?

Choosing Copperloy loading dock ramps means you receive equipment with the highest standards for quality, strength, and efficiency in the United States. Copperloy ramps also offer minimal maintenance requirements and improved safety while maximizing facility space.

In fact, Copperloy aluminum dock ramps feature a one-cylinder design. As a result, it requires much less pressure to raise in comparison to other ramps. This design also offers a variety of other advantages:

Easier operation – The hydraulic pump’s external location creates convenient access and simplifies operation.

Faster raise times – Copperloy ramps raise two and a half times faster than ramps featuring two-cylinder design.

Less wear and tear – Rotation is focused on our ramp’s position sleeve rather than the ramp’s connection, so it reduces overall wear and tear.

Greater stability – Our ramps are much less likely to tip thanks to the centrally-located cylinder.


Accessibility to your dock is crucial for safe and efficient forklift operation and traversal. So, we design our aluminum dock ramps with an 8-foot level off to make loading and unloading safer and easier for forklift operators.


The 15-inch lip rests on the dock floor, platform, or truck carrier body. We also provide 8-foot safety chains to keep ramps from pulling away from loading docks.


We design our aluminum dock ramps with a single-acting hydraulic pump that requires half the effort to raise in comparison to other equipment on the market. The pump is also located on the outside. So, it is much easier to operate while being protected from wear and tear. Furthermore, the pump handle can be easily stored when not in use.


We design the low end plate to sit lower than a forklift’s wheelbase. As a result, the front wheels of the forklift can access the deck grating while the back wheels remain safely on the ground. Most notably, this makes traveling up and down loading dock ramps much smoother and creates an easy ground-level entry.


The deck grating of our loading dock ramps contains electro-forged, serrated steel, so it offers exceptional strength. The grating also has 1/4″ to 3/4″ bars and a 1″ spacing between. So, rain, snow, and other debris can pass through, maintaining traction even in harsh weather conditions.


Solid tires are a core feature of Copperloy dock ramps because they require far less maintenance than air-filled tires. These tries also do not require refilling and have lubricated bearings. As a result, they are virtually maintenance-free.


This sleeve allows operators 180 degrees of ramp maneuverability, so you can maintain optimal levels of productivity in your facility. The fork slides into the sleeve, which allows the forklift to quickly and easily move the ramp. However, the positioning sleeve is not designed for long-distance towing.


The towbar also gives Copperloy ramps much more maneuverability. This feature allows operators to tow the ramp short distances at a maximum speed of 5-mph. This feature is also not designed for over-the-road towing.


Another core feature of Copperloy aluminum dock ramps is the 6″ safety curb. This feature is designed to prevent accidental runoff for forklifts. The box-frame construction and hollow-section design also decrease stress for heavier loads and cargo breakout.


In addition to the many other features we offer, Copperloy can create custom features for unique applications. Our staff has immense experience in yard ramp manufacturing, so you can rely on us to meet your application requirements.