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Portable Loading Dock

Portable Loading Docks, Portable Loading Dock Ramp & Platforms

Portable loading docks are used in combination with dock-to-ground or portable loading dock ramps (our yard ramp). This material handling equipment is best used for parallel loading on carriers or docks in limited space locations, or where no permanent facilities exist. These mobile loading platforms are for sale in steel only.

A mobile loading dock platform, also known as a portable loading platform or portable loading docks allow lift trucks to easily make right-angle turns. The platforms are custom made to fit your specifications with fixed heights ranging from 42″ to 57″ and are available in capacities up to 30,000 pounds. These platforms have side plates made from A572-50 steel, providing additional durability.

For high-quality, durable, and versatile portable loading docks, there’s no better choice than Copperloy.

  • Two or more portable loading dock ramps can be locked together to form larger portable loading docks.
  • Portable loading docks comes standard with steel tread plate decking, steel legs, two movable curb sections, and lift sleeves for safe easy handling by fork trucks.
  • Edge-of-dock levelers can be installed on any side of the platform, ensuring functionality with any existing equipment, vehicles, or installations.
  • Steel grating bars don’t need maintenance and are spaced to allow debris and water to fall through, rather than collect on the surface.

Features of Portable Loading Docks

portable loading dock
Platform Curbs

6″ portable loading docks safety curbs to prevent accidental runoff. Exclusive hollow section design and proprietary box frame construction take the stress of heavy loads and the extra strain of cargo breakout.

portable loading dock
Steel Tread Plate Decking

Portable loading docks from Copperloy are constructed of electro-forged serrated steel for superior strength. Grating bearing bars are 1-3/4″″ thick. These bars are designed to offer extra durability in the roughest of applications. Bars are spaced 1″ apart to resist clogging of debris and to ensure an all-weather, high-traction running surface.

portable loading dock
Lift Sleeves

Part of making a platform portable is creating easy ways to move it! Lift loops are provided for easy handling and repositioning of the platforms with a forklift.

portable loading dock
Portable Steel Platforms

Steel Platforms come in capacities up to 30,000 pounds and lengths reaching 12 feet. Steel platforms are heavier and require a forklift to move, but have higher capacities. Contact the factory for portable steel platform specifications.

portable loading dock
Handrail Option

Handrails can be added to any platform at any length required. Our 42-inch high split handrail are constructed in all steel.

portable loading dock
Custom Platform Options

With an in-house engineering team, Copperloy offers tailor-made temporary platforms for any unique problem or specification.

Additional Videos

View our mobile yard ramp videos here and visit us on YouTube for more of our yard ramps videos!


Portable Loading Dock Types

Loading Dock Ramp

Have you and your team been planning to invest in a durable ramp for your loading dock? In addition to an extensive selection of forklift dock ramps and used dock ramps for sale, the Copperloy by JH Industries takes pride in offering a wide range of other material handling equipment. Reach out to the Copperloy by JH Industries team to learn more about dock boards and dock plates, edge of dock levelers, and more.

Customers count on Copperloy by JH Industries not only for reliable yard ramp sales but also for custom steel fabrication and design services. Every facility is different, and a one size fits all portable loading dock ramp solution will not always work. Whether you have been looking for a custom hydraulic dock, dock to ground ramp or warehouse dock ramp, Copperloy by JH Industries has what you need to keep your workspace both safe and productive.

Portable Dock Ramp

A portable loading dock ramp from Copperloy by JH Industries can turn any workspace into a freight handling center.

Not every facility has the need for a fixed material handling setup. Some facilities need to check in freight on a regular basis, while others do not. If your facility checks in shipments only on occasion, then a portable dock ramp may be the solution for you and your team.

A movable dock ramp can offer full loading dock capabilities where a dock does not exist. These pieces provide full ground-level access to buildings, railcars, and trucks. The extensive portable dock ramp selection from Copperloy by JH Industries includes both steel and aluminum-based models and can accommodate loads up to 30,000 pounds.

Forklift Dock Platform

If you are looking for a strong, reliable, and portable forklift ramp or other loading equipment for your operation, you can depend on Copperloy. Our heavy-duty forklift loading ramps can help you maintain maximum levels of efficiency and productivity for your freight loading operation. Furthermore, a Copperloy forklift ramp offers safer operation than other dock ramps on the market.

Copperloy offers more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of the ultimate yard ramp as well as an expert engineering team and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. As a result, we are leaders in ramp design and production, ensuring our customers always receive the best equipment possible.

Truck Dock Ramp

Looking for truck dock ramps? Keep your workspace safe with consistent maintenance and reach out to Copperloy by JH Industries today.

Has your current material handling setup not been delivering? Temporary loading dock ramps from Copperloy by JH Industries offer distinct stability and efficiency. Significantly, a Copperloy truck ramp features a convenient pump, durable solid-filled pneumatic tires, and a centrally located cylinder.

Copperloy loading dock truck ramps are notable for ease of operation, fast raise times, and exceptional durability. Allow safe, efficient, and productive ground-level access to semi-trucks with a ramp from Copperloy by JH Industries.

Steel Dock Ramp

Need durable steel dock ramps for your facility? Copperloy by JH Industries has the solutions for you and your team.

Have you and your team been planning to upgrade your facility’s existing material handling setup? You can maximize safety, profitability, and efficiency with Copperloy steel dock ramps. In fact, Copperloy loading dock solutions provide stable and durable alternatives to competing ramps.

To keep a workspace running at optimal efficiency, safety must be the priority. In fact, the Copperloy by JH Industries team puts safety above all else. Steel dock ramps and other Copperloy installations feature an exclusive range of standard safety features.

Aluminum Dock Ramp

If you are looking for reliable dock systems for your facility, you can rely on a Copperloy aluminum loading dock ramp. We are a leading manufacturer of high-strength loading ramps, so our equipment can help you maximize productivity on efficiency. Copperloy aluminum portable delivery ramps are also much safer to operate than ramps from other manufacturers.

Warehouse Loading Dock Ramp

Looking for new loading dock equipment for your warehouse? Consider Copperloy’s Warehouse Loading Dock Ramp. Copperloy is a leading developer of heavy-duty loading ramps as well as other forms of loading dock equipment.

We can deliver warehouse loading dock ramps that maximize efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, Copperloy ramps offer the highest safety standards in the industry.

Additionally, our warehouse ramps offer excellent mobility. So, you can move your ramps from job to job and load freight with forklifts anywhere in your facility.


Copperloy Dock Ramp Design

The Copperloy portable dock ramps significantly improves productivity, increases safety, and maximizes space. We use our sixty years of experience in the industry to manufacture America’s best portable loading docks. Our one-cylinder ramp design applies significantly less pressure relative to other ramps on the market.

In addition to our top-notch loading docks, we also manufacture a quality mobile yard ramp built for ease of use and maneuverability. The Copperloy mobile ramp is durable, long-lasting, and comes with features that make it easy to lower and raise to your specifications. We are proud manufacturers of a quality dock ramp, mobile yard ramp, and more.

So why choose Copperloy portable dock ramps? The dock ramp design choice has numerous benefits:

  • Easier operation – The hydraulic pump’s external location provides convenient access to simplify operation.
  • Faster raise times – Copperloy portable dock ramps raise two and a half times faster than competing ramps.
  • Less wear and tear – Rotation is focused on our ramp’s position sleeve rather than the ramp’s connection, which reduces overall wear and tear.
  • Greater stability – Our ramps are much less likely to tip thanks to the centrally-located cylinder.
Loading Dock Ramp