The Best Loading Dock Ramps in the United States

If you are looking for high-strength loading dock ramps near me, Copperloy can give you the equipment you need. As a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment, we deliver dock ramps that can maximize productivity for freight-loading operations. Copperloy ramps also offer much higher safety standards than ramps from competing manufacturers.

Copperloy has been designing and manufacturing dock ramps and loading dock equipment for over 60 years. We also equip our engineering staff with the most advanced manufacturing machinery available. As a result, we have been able to maintain our spot as a leading provider of loading dock ramps.

As a top developer of loading dock ramp equipment, we understand that safety is always a top priority. Forklifts can pose a wide variety of safety hazards, especially in combination with subpar loading ramps. Copperloy, however, manufactures ramps to OSHA‘s strict safety requirements. Not only does this make our ramps safer, but it also helps our clients maintain OSHA compliance.

OSHA compliance starts with choosing loading dock ramps for sale from a distinguished manufacturer of dock equipment. All Copperloy ramps are designed to fulfill all OSHA requirements, so you can ensure your forklift operators are working under safe conditions.

In addition, if you are unsure of what size and weight capacity you need, Copperloy’s technical staff can provide expert recommendations based on your facility’s unique characteristics.

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Why Choose Copperloy Loading Dock Ramps?

When you choose Copperloy, you always receive a high-quality ramp with unparalleled strength and exceptional design. In fact, Copperloy manufactures the best dock ramps in the United States. Copperloy ramps are also low maintenance and safe while maximizing the space in your facility.

Furthermore, Copperloy ramps feature an efficient, one-cylinder design. So, it needs much less pressure to raise in comparison to other equipment on the market. The one-cylinder design also offers many other advantages:

Easy operation – The hydraulic pump is located on the outside for convenient access and simpler operation.

Quick raise times – Copperloy ramps raise two and a half times quicker than ramps with two-cylinder designs.

Less wear and tear – Rotation is focused on the ramp’s position sleeve instead of the ramp’s connection, so it reduces overall wear and tear.

Unmatched stability – The centrally-located cylinder makes Copperloy ramps much less likely to tip.


Loading Dock Ramps Key Features

forklift ramps for containers with a green forklift on it

We design our loading dock ramps for forklift accessibility and safety. The 8-foot level off is a feature that makes loading and unloading with forklifts much easier and safer for operators.

15-inch lip of a mobile yard ramp

This ramp feature rests on the dock platforms or floors as well as truck carrier bodies. We also include 8-foot safety chains, which prevent ramps from pulling away from docks.

hydraulic pump on mobile yard ramp

Our dock ramps include a single-acting hydraulic pump that only needs half the effort to raise in comparison to other ramps in the industry. We have also placed the pump on the outside. So, it is easier to access and operate while being protected from potential wear and tear. Additionally, the pump handle can be easily stored away when not in use.

heavy duty ramps for trucks

Forklift access is crucial for safety and productivity, so we des