What Can a Copperloy Portable Loading Dock Ramp Add to Your Facility?

Portable Loading Dock Ramps by Copperloy

A portable dock ramp from Copperloy by JH Industries can turn any workspace into a freight handling center.

Not every facility has the need for a fixed material handling setup. Some facilities need to check in freight on a regular basis, while others do not. If your facility checks in shipments only on occasion, then a portable dock ramp may be the solution for you and your team.

A movable dock ramp can offer full loading dock capabilities where a dock does not exist. These pieces provide full ground-level access to buildings, railcars and trucks. The extensive portable dock ramp selection from Copperloy by JH Industries includes both steel and aluminum-based models and can accommodate loads up to 30,000 pounds.

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All Copperloy ramps offer industry-leading strength, outweighing many competitors’ capacities. All Copperloy products are made in the USA.

Create a Portable Dock Anywhere

with a Mobile Yard Ramp

Companies can create a dock anywhere with a mobile yard ramp by easily converting open yard space into a portable loading dock. Yard ramps provide a safe, efficient method to load/unload freight with forklifts and access the back of the truck. Yard ramps are a cost-effective way to expand your freight handling capacity.

Portable Yard Ramp Safety

For proper portable yard ramp safety, prior to using it is important to thoroughly review the owner’s manual. Only trained personnel should operate the ramp. It is extremely important to ensure that the ramp is properly secured before loading and unloading tasks. View the owners manual below for a full overview of instructions and precautions. OSHA ramp guidelines.

Yard Ramp Manual

Portable Yard Ramp Applications

The yard ramp acts as a portable loading dock ramp and an ideal solution for shipments that need to go from ground level to the truck and a fast method to unload a truck to the ground. Copperloy offers both aluminum ramps and steel ramps depending on your weight and application requirements. Rentals are available and ideal for short-term projects.

Portable Steel Yard Ramps

Copperloy portable steel yard ramps are available in different base materials. However, steel is the standard base for yard ramps. As a leader in custom steel fabrication, Copperloy has mastered the craft of high-strength steel specifications and integrated features such a serrated steel grating for added traction. Manufactured in the USA, steel ramps are built for durability and made to last.

Dock-to-Ground Yard Ramps

Our dock-to-ground yard ramps provide a semi-permanent solution and are typically fixed to the dock for fast, efficient loading/unloading solution handling weights up to 30,000 lbs. Copperloy dock-to-ground ramps can be custom built to the specifications of your dock for a safe, versatile way to expand the capability of your loading dock.

Ground-to-Truck Portable Yard Ramps

Ground-to-truck ramps allow for easy ground-level access to semi-trucks. Copperloy ramps allow for maximum safety and productivity when unloading and loading. Designed for industrial use, ramps are available in aluminum or steel based on your material handling requirements.

Heavy-duty Portable Loading Docks

For facilities with limited space or no permanent dock exists, portable loading docks can provide a cost-effective solution for parallel loading when used with dock-to-ground or yard ramps. Copperloy’s portable loading platform features durable steel construction that can handle capacities up to 60,000 pounds. Their unique design allows lift trucks to easily make right-angle turns. Multiple portable loading docks can be connected when larger portable loading docks are required.

Choosing the Right Yard Ramp

For Your Portable Dock Application
Choosing the right portable yard ramp depends on how you will be using it. Looking for a permanent loading area or do you require a portable loading ramp? What is the maximum weight that your lift trucks will be transporting? (Don’t forget to include the weight of the lift truck.) Do you require dock-to-ground access or ground-level access to railcars and trucks? Copperloy has been manufacturing yard ramps for over 60 years and our staff is available to consult with you on the best solution for your loading application.

If you’re not sure of your future needs, consider a rental yard ramp or a used yard ramp. All Copperloy used ramps are factory certified and guaranteed.

Our ramps are preferred by dock crews. Copperloy ramps are faster and easier to position than any other ramp on the market. Copperloy yard ramps have been tested and outperformed the other manufacturers including; Bluff Manufacturing, Vestil, Discount Ramps, and Handiramp. Click here to watch the yard ramp competition.

Copperloy quality is unsurpassed. Manufactured in the USA by experienced machinists, certified welders, and automated robotic cells, our ramps are designed for durability and built to last.

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