Make Your Warehouse Loading Dock More Than A Back Door
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Make Your Warehouse Loading Dock More Than a Back Door

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Business owners everywhere understand that a warehouse loading dock is more than just a back door. A loading dock is a key component and often the busiest area no matter what industry you own. 

Manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, grocery stores, and so many more rely on its loading dock on a daily basis. To keep your dock door functioning safely and smoothly, you need to employ proper dock equipment that works efficiently with the infrastructure of your dock area. 

All too often loading docks can be prone to accidents and can prove to be dangerous. Some existing bay areas might not accommodate the loading operations of your industry requirements. Such as small dock doors, gravel access, disproportionate slopes, or a dock height that doesn’t meet up to tractor-trailers. All of these factors can create risks for employees, forklift operators, and delivery truck drivers. 

Copperloy has solutions for dock areas with a lack of dock functionality. Featuring a wide variety of durable, safe, and reliable material handling and dock equipment. Copperloy’s in-house engineering team designs all its products with safety and improving dock functionality being the forefront of importance. 

Largest Selection of Warehouse Loading Dock Equipment 

Copperloy features the largest selection of warehouse loading dock equipment at prices that will fit your budget needs. Additionally, all our dock equipment is constructed from the highest quality of aluminum or steel and is built to last. Copperloy’s featured dock equipment products that can improve safety, functionality, increase productivity, and fit the budgets of your company: 

Dock Plates 

This loading dock transition plate is used to bridge the height differences between trucks and trailers. Copperloy dock plates are available in aluminum and steel with capacities up to 12,500 pounds. These are ideal for low to medium volume applications for use with hand carts or pallet jacks. Dock Plates do not have side curbs and should be used with light-duty applications using hand carts and pallet jacks. Not recommended for use with heavy powered equipment and forklifts. 

Dock Boards

Dock boards might look similar to dock plates, however, these can be used with forklifts and other heavy powered loading equipment. Additionally, Dock Boards do have side curbs to prevent runoff and are ideal for heavier capacity applications and fork truck use. We offer three different options, available in steel and aluminum and capacities ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. 

Edge of Dock Leveler 

Dock levelers also bridge the gap between truck and trailer and can handle capacities of 20,000 to 30,000 pounds. These are available in hydraulic or mechanical activation for smooth and reliable operation. Copperloy’s edge of dock levelers compensates for 5″ above or below dock levels. 

Yard Ramps

Copperloy yard ramps are designed to maximize space, productivity, and safety. Turn any area into a loading dock to expand your freight handling operations. With capacities up to 30,000 and custom sizes available on request. 

Available in three purchase options – New, Used, and Rentals. Don’t forget the accessories – Wheel Chocks are an additional safety feature to prevent trailer movement during loading and unloading operations. 

How Can Copperloy Help You? 

Need help determining which material handling equipment is the best solution for your warehouse loading dock? Our knowledgeable staff will ask all the questions to help determine which one is the perfect fit for your operations. Custom sizes and capacities are available for all our warehouse loading dock equipment. 

Copperloy has been manufacturing dock equipment for over 60 years. Additionally, everything is manufactured right here in the United States. We are proud of our capabilities and the equipment we manufacture. 

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