How Portable Loading Dock Equipment Can Enhance Your Operation Productivity

Portable loading dock equipment offers cost-effective solutions for businesses with no permanent location, limited space, or just need to increase current freight handling capabilities. Docks can be dangerous environments especially when forklifts travel over uneven grades.

Copperloy has loading ramps for any unique loading and unloading involving ground to dock or truck height challenges. Our dock ramps build a bridge between these uneven grades to help keep forklifts stable and operators safe. We are a leading supplier of portable loading dock equipment with all manufacturing done here in the United States.

Copperloy offers a wide range of portable loading dock equipment to fit any specifications, job tasks, and requirements. Unsure about the weight capacity or size of portable loading dock equipment you need? We’ll be happy to assist you to find a solution based on the weight of the equipment you utilize, the loads you carry, and the specifications of the facility you utilize.

Portable Loading Docks

These high-quality, durable, and versatile steel construction platforms are ideal for parallel loading, especially in limited spaced locations. Easily transported to remote areas creating a free-standing loading dock when your dock doors are fully loaded.

Available in capacities up to 60,000 pounds and can be custom made to fit any specifications. Locking two or more portable loading docks together will create additional width and or length for your application. Additionally, by installing edge-of-dock levelers on any side platform will ensure its range of capabilities with existing equipment, vehicles, and installations.

Mobile Loading Dock Ramps

Our mobile yard ramp offers flexibility to expand your dock capacity or create a freight loading facility where no dock exists. Designed to provide ground-level access to trucks, railcars, and buildings and can withstand the use of forklifts and lift trucks. These ramps come standard in steel construction.

However, aluminum ramps with steel grating are available. Designed with capacities up to 30,000 pounds and many other standard features. Copperloy mobile yard ramps are available to purchase in new or used options as well as rentals.

Portable Dock Platforms

These self-standing portable dock platforms are custom made to fit unique problems or specifications. Construction made from high-quality, durable A572-50 steel with fixed heights ranging from 42” to 57”, lengths reaching 12 feet, and capacities up to 60,000 pounds. Ideal for locations with limited space yet allows for parallel loading and forklifts to make a 90-degree turn into trucks, railcars, and buildings.

Depending on the situation, portable loading docks platforms can connect to form larger units. Additional standard features include safety curbs, steel tread plate decking spaced 1” apart, lift sleeves, and handrail options.

Forklift Ramps

A quality forklift ramp can take the operation of your loading and unloading operation to the next level. Increase efficiency, productivity, and operator safety when employing Copperloy forklift ramps. Available in steel or aluminum with capacities of 16,000 and 35,000 pounds. Lengths range from 38 to 60 inches and choice widths of 70, 84 or 96 inches.

Due to the many risks and hazards associated while operating forklift ramps, safety is always the forefront of our manufacturing process. Here at Copperloy, we strictly adhere to the OSHA compliance of requirements to ensure the safety of forklift operators. Additionally, we encourage all clients to keep their forklift operators properly trained and make sure they employ loading dock safety practices for a dependable and safe operation at all times!!

Dock Railboards

The dock railboards design is to connect your dock with a railcar. Available in rectangular and flared options and come in all-welded steel construction. These railboards feature a heavy understructure for safe and positive positioning. The engineering and design of each rail board will meet the dimensions and specifications of each dock site.

Designed to use in place with all standard boxcars including refrigerator car, car to car and plug door cars. Standard features include: capacities of 40,000 pounds (larger capacities available), drop-through lift loops (chains optional), and the understructure locks ramp into place.

Dock Boards

The dock boards design can sustain use with forklifts and solve difficult challenges and bride the gap of height differentials between dock and truck. Our dock boards work with preexisting docks which makes them a cost-effective solution for many warehouses.

Additionally, we can customize dockboards to meet any specifications, size, and requirements. Available in a variety of options from aluminum to steel. Enhance the productivity and safety of your loading and unloading operations.

Dock Plates

Dock plates are ideal for loading and unloading operations with dollies, handcarts and pallet jacks. We do not recommend the use of forklifts or other power-operated machinery with dock plates. Available in steel or aluminum construction, custom manufacturing available to meet unique specifications and requirements. These prove to be an economical alternative for many industries and warehouses that do not use power-operated loading dock equipment.

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