Aluminum Ramps vs. Fiberglass Ramps for the Moving Industry: Which to Choose

portable aluminum van rampsMoving companies face many different decisions in terms of the equipment they utilize. These decisions are quite important too, as different gear can offer certain companies a competitive edge, significant cost-savings, or both. One such choice will be the type of ramp a company opts to use to load and unload from their vans and trucks, frequently coming down to a choice of aluminum ramps vs. fiberglass ramps. Which should you choose, and why?

Fiberglass ramps are attractive for several reasons. They’re generally affordable, offering a minimal upfront investment for the company, and they’re also light weight, which makes them easy to handle.

Another frequently touted benefit of the fiberglass ramp is that it typically comes with a gripping surface. This is a great feature, however, what many consumers don’t realize is that it’s also unfortunately a short-lived one. They need to be frequently refinished or replaced, after between two and five years of usage.

This ends up offsetting that initial low price. Not only that, but the hassle of repair or replacement is another detractor, and could leave the company unexpectedly shorthanded during a busy period.

Aluminum ramps on the other hand will last indefinitely. There’s no need for repair, and when they’re well constructed, they’ll hold up to the rigors of daily usage with ease. Additionally, many people wrongly assume that aluminum yard ramps must be far bulkier and heavier than fiberglass, but that’s actually not the case, either.

Another benefit to aluminum ramps will be the added safety features which they come equipped with. Aluminum ramps have 3-inch runoff curbs, where as fiberglass ramps often just have a 1-inch runoff, potentially leading to more accidents. Aluminum loading ramps also feature shark tooth decking, which provides a non-slip deck surface for safe operation without ever needing replacement.

While fiberglass ramps certainly have their applications, at the end of the day, the heavy workloads and demands of the moving industry are better served with an aluminum loading ramp. They offer a lower overall price of ownership, superior durability and enhanced safety features, and they’re underrated in terms of how easy they are to move around and work with.

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