Heavy Duty Truck Rampss

Best Heavy Duty Truck Ramps in the USA

If you are looking to purchase reliable loading equipment for your facility, Copperloy heavy duty truck ramps are the ideal solution. In fact, Copperloy is a leading manufacturer of truck loading equipment. So, our heavy duty truck service ramps can help you achieve maximum efficiency. Most importantly, Copperloy ramps offer superior safety standards to other manufacturers.

Here at Copperloy, we have been developing yard ramps and other forms of loading equipment for more than 60 years. We equip our expert engineers with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, so we can consistently deliver the best truck ramp solutions on the market.

As the leading manufacturer of heavy duty truck loading ramps, Copperloy prioritizes safety before anything else. Loading with forklifts introduces many safety hazards for operators and other employees. Accidents are much more likely to occur with low-quality loading equipment.

With Copperloy, however, you receive heavy truck ramps designed to OSHA’s stringent safety standards. As a result, you can keep your employees safe, while maintaining OSHA compliance at your facility.

If you are not sure of the size or capacity you need for your heavy truck service ramps, our technical staff can offer professional recommendations depending on your application.

Why Choose Copperloy Heavy Duty Ramps for Trucks?

Choosing Copperloy ramps means you will work with the highest quality loading equipment available. In fact, Copperloy’s heavy duty aluminum truck ramps are the leading option in the United States, offering unmatched strength and superior design. Copperloy ramps also offer low maintenance requirements and the ability to maximize your facility’s floor space.

Most notably, Copperloy heavy duty aluminum truck service ramps feature a proprietary one-cylinder design. Thus, it requires significantly less pressure to raise relative to other ramps on the market. Our one-cylinder design also offers the following advantages:

  • Easier operation – The hydraulic pump is positioned on the exterior for more convenient access and simpler operation.
  • Quick raise times – Copperloy ramps raise two and a half times faster than loading ramps with two-cylinder designs.
  • Less wear and tear – All rotation is focused on the truck ramp’s position sleeve rather than the connection, so it minimizes wear and tear.
  • Superior balance and stability – The centrally-located cylinder makes Copperloy ramps much less likely to tip.

8-Foot Level Off

Accessibility and safety are central design principles of Copperloy ramps. So, we have included an 8-foot level off that makes loading and unloading with forklifts smoother and safer for forklift operators.

15-Inch Lip

The ramp lip will rest on dock floors, dock platforms, and truck carrier bodies. Our ramps also come with 8-foot safety chains, so we can prevent your ramp from pulling away from the truck.

Hydraulic Pump

Our heavy duty truck ramps feature a single-acting, hydraulic pump that requires only half the usual effort to raise in comparison to competing ramps. The ramp is also positioned on the exterior. So, it is much easier to operate while having protection from wear and tear. The pump handle can also be stored away when not in use.

Low End Plate

Safety and productivity depend directly on forklift accessibility, so Copperloy ramps feature a low end plate. We have designed this plate to sit lower than a forklift’s wheelbase, so the front wheels can get to the deck grating while the back wheels remain on the ground. As a result, ground-level entry is easier and safer.

Steel Deck Grating

Our heavy duty truck ramp deck grating is manufactured with electro-forged, serrated steel. In addition to exceptional durability, this grating features 1/4″ to 3/4″ bars and with 1″ spacing. So, rain, dirt, snow, and other forms of debris will slip through, allowing the grating to offer traction even in turbulent weather.

18-Inch Solid Tires

Our solid pneumatic tires are a core feature of Copperloy heavy duty truck ramps. These tries do not need as much maintenance as air-filled tires because they do not need regular refilling. They also feature lubricated bearings, so they are virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore, you do not need to continuously make replacements like air-filled tires, saving you time and money.

Positioning Sleeve

This sleeve provides forklift operators a full 180 degrees of maneuverability, so they can efficiently reposition the ramp for each loading task in your facility. The fork simply slides into the sleeve, which allows the forklift to quickly move the ramp to its next location. However, this feature is not designed for long-distance towing.


This is another feature that improves maneuverability for our truck ramps. The towbar allows operators to move the loading ramp over short distances at a maximum speed of 5-mph in your facility. Also, much like the positioning sleeve, this feature is not meant for long-distance towing.

Safety Curb

This 6-inch safety curb is another feature that enhances Copperloy ramp safety. We have designed this curb to prevent runoff for forklifts, so loading with forklifts is much safer. The box-frame construction and hollow-section design also minimize stress for heavy loads as well as cargo breakout.

Custom Features for Heavy Duty Truck Ramps

Another unique advantage of working with Copperloy is our ability to custom design our truck ramps to satisfy specific requirements. With our experience in the design and manufacturing of truck ramps, we can create loading equipment that best suits your application.

If you are looking for heavy duty truck ramps for sale, contact Copperloy today!