Heavy Duty Loading Ramps | The Best Way to Expand Dock Capacity

Fast & Forklift-Friendly | Heavy Duty Loading Ramps

The average forklift weighs roughly 9,000 pounds, and that does not include the loads they can carry. With capacities that reach well over 10,000 pounds, a fully loaded forklift can weigh up to 20,000 pounds for a standard task. How can something that heavy load and unload trucks without a dedicated loading dock? The answer is simple: heavy duty loading ramps.

Heavy duty loading ramps are a welcome addition to any loading dock, allowing you to maximize productivity and expand capacity whenever necessary. These heavy duty ramps offer capacities up to 30,000 pounds, so your forklift operators can transport extremely heavy loads on and off trucks without issue.

As an American-owned and operated manufacturer, Copperloy offers a full range of new, used, and rental ramp models, so you can expand your loading dock and work faster than ever before. Contact us today or fill out the form on the right to get a quote on our heavy duty loading ramps!

A forklift ascending a heavy duty loading ramp towards a tractor trailer | Heavy duty ramps

What are Heavy Loading Duty Ramps?

Heavy duty ramps are portable loading docks. They can connect to tractor-trailers, shipping containers, and even existing loading docks to create ground-level access for forklifts. Copperloy heavy duty loading ramps give you the ability to start a freight handling center in nearly any location, and they are the most effective method for expanding your dock capacity on those busier workdays.

If you want to save time and increase productivity in your facility, Copperloy heavy loading ramps are the ideal solution. Your forklift operators will have a much easier time loading and unloading trucks, so they can get more done in less time. Our heavy loading ramps also have many safety features, ensuring employees and cargo are much safer at work.

Why Choose Copperloy Heavy Duty Loading Ramps?

Copperloy heavy duty loading ramps offer a wide variety of benefits for any loading dock. We design our heavy duty ramps with single-acting hydraulics and many other unique features to make freight handling as easy as possible:

  • Quick & Easy OperationSingle-acting hydraulics significantly increase the ramp’s raising speed, allowing you to position the ramp 2.5X faster than standard yard ramps. We have also positioned the hand pump on the exterior to streamline the setup process.
  • High-Strength ConstructionCopperloy heavy duty loading ramps last longer than the competition because we use the highest quality steel and aluminum in the construction of every model. This means you can worry less about wear and tear while getting the best value out of your equipment.
  • Superior StabilityOur hydraulics system utilizes a centrally located cylinder, which automatically compensates for shifts in weight distribution. This prevents wobbling or tipping to make forklift operation smoother and keep workers safe.
  • Improved Maneuverability Our ramp mobility features include a positioning sleeve, towbar, and solid 18-inch tires for quicker repositioning and better handling on uneven terrain. Most importantly, you can spend less time waiting around and more time finishing jobs.

In addition to our design features, Copperloy offers assurance that you can get the high-quality equipment you need with nearly any budget. You can buy new, used, or even get a yard ramp rental, and you will receive a reliable, factory-certified ramp every time.

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The Many Features of Heavy Duty Loading Ramps

Efficiency & Mobility Features
Forklift fork inserted into positioning sleeve | Heavy duty loading ramps


Average heavy duty loading ramps are built with double-acting hydraulics, which take incredibly long to set up and are much harder to move around. Copperloy’s heavy loading ramps use single-acting hydraulics that makes your ramp raise 2.5X faster and easier to move between tasks.

This system also has a hand pump on the outside of the ramp, so positioning the ramp takes half the time with half the effort. When not in use, you store the pump handle away to prevent potential damage.


This sleeve gives forklifts the ability to perform a 180-degree turn with the ramp. Repositioning for different tasks does not require several turns and pivots, saving precious time you would usually lose to slow setup and downtime.


This feature allows operators to tow the ramp at speeds up to 5-mph in your facility. The towbar is included with steel and aluminum models.


Many ramp manufacturers use air-filled tires for their heavy duty loading ramps, but these tires often deflate and pop, requiring costly, time-consuming repairs. Our solid tires are virtually maintenance-free and offer just enough cushioning to travel over even the roughest terrain.

*These features are not designed for high-speed towing. If you need to ship your ramp over long distances, you will need specialized transport.

Safety Features

Serrated deck grating on heavy duty ramp


Forklifts need to have a level surface when traveling on and off truck trailers. This feature provides plenty of room to level out, so trips up and down are quicker and smoother.


The ramp’s lip lowers onto the truck carrier body to bridge the gap, and the 2 included safety chains link the truck and ramp together to prevent the ramp from pulling as forklifts come and go.