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Rent a loading ramp from Copperloy! Copperloy® yard ramps are America’s ultimate yard ramp. Yard ramps save time and remove the hassle from freight handling. As a result, simplify day to day loading and unloading tasks!

Made in the USA, an innovative, one-cylinder yard ramp design uses less pressure to lift the ramp. Compared to traditional, two-cylinder hydraulic yard ramps, rise times are up to two and a half times faster than the competition. Ease of operation, extreme stability, durability, and performance are key yard ramp features.

Copperloy offers this wonderous ramp three ways: New, Certified Pre-Owned, and as a Rental. Rental ramps are excellent for short-term projects. Additionally, rentals allow users to test out America’s yard ramp for themselves before fully committing. It’s the best of both worlds.

copperloy yard ramps and loading dock lift

Used Yard Ramps | Certified Pre-Owned

Rent a loading ramp, or buy one used! Factory certified and guaranteed by Copperloy, used yard ramps are excellent. For over 60 years, Copperloy has been engineering dock equipment that’s made to last.

With a used yard ramp, get unparalleled quality and performance of the industry-leading ramp at a fraction of the price.

For an array of available ramp sizes, specifications, and weight capacities, contact the Copperloy team. Together, we’ll find the perfect model for your facility and application.

Rent a Loading Ramp | Yard Ramp Top Features

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forklift ramps for containers with a green forklift on it


An 8-foot level off feature allows equipment easy access onto trucks, loading docks, and platforms.  Especially helpful for mobile ramps, ensure a stable workspace.

15-inch lip of a mobile yard ramp


Designed to firmly rest on the truck carrier body, dock floor or platform, this keeps the ramp from pulling away.  Eight-foot-long safety chains are included on mobile ramps, too!

hydraulic pump on mobile yard ramp


A single-acting hydraulic hand pump design needs half the effort to raise the ramp.  The pump is protected from dirt, debris, damage! Plus, the handle is stored out of the way when not in use.

heavy duty ramps for trucks


We engineered an end plate that is shorter than the wheelbase of most forklifts. As a result, front drive wheels can reach high-traction grating, while rear wheels remain ground level. Also, a beveled underside is standard on the plate, providing smooth ground-level entry.

Solid/pneumatic tires on mobile yard ramp


Remove maintenance with 18-inch, solid pneumatic tires! Standard on all Copperloy mobile yard ramps, the tires do not require air to fill and have lubricated-for-life bearings.