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Mechanical Edge of Dock Levelers

Enhance productivity and efficiency at your warehouse or facility with Copperloy’s mechanical edge of dock leveler. Easy to install and operate, our manual dock leveler models are built to be as durable as possible, offering consistent results, quick and easy operation, and very little need for ongoing maintenance.

Dual-extension, spring-lift assist aids in proper positioning of your mechanical loading dock leveler. Our edge of dock levelers offer an unparalleled combination of features and functionality:

  • Working range of 5 inches +/- the dock level
  • Robotic welding for the utmost in quality and consistency
  • Dual extension automatic spring lift assist provides easy operation
  • Available options include bumper sizes, lip styles and sizes, in-board handle assembly and more
  • Easy operation by pulling back the handle to lift over the dock height, and then pushing to position the lip onto the truck floor

With a total of 12 different models available, mechanical loading dock levelers from Copperloy come in 20,000 lb. or 30,000 lb. capacities; 12″ or 14″ projections; and 66″, 72″, 78″ and 84″ widths. Of course, we also provide custom in-house engineering and manufacturing, so if you’re unsure if there’s a match, we’ll provide you with a tailor-made product to get the job done.

Watch the dock equipment video below to learn more.

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Edge of Dock Leveler FAQs

Q: Can you reduce the bend on your manual EOD levelers?

A: Yes. We can reduce the bend from our standard 8° to 5°. The height range will change to + or – 3″ (not available on our Refer Models).

Q: Why would I need a refer lip EOD?

A: Our refer model mechanical edge of dock leveler is used for refrigerated trucks.

Q: Can you make an EOD with no bends?

A: No. An edge of dock leveler will not work without bends. The EOD will hit the truck and not be able to extend.

Additional Videos

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