Heat Processing Industry Material Handling Equipment

Are you looking for steel fabrication and material handling equipment manufacturers who can meet your needs for heat processing? Copperloy can help. We understand the unique needs of the heat processing industry, and provide loading dock solutions and solutions which are up to the task. You’ll improve safety and working conditions, you’ll increase productivity and efficiency, and you’ll be well-prepared to handle increasing levels of demand in the future.

With over 60 years of experience, it’s no wonder why our customers in the heat processing industry turn to us for assistance. From dock lifts to lift tables and more, we have a variety of equipment that will meet your specifications. Other material handling equipment we produce include dockboards, edge of dock levelers and yard ramps.

Customized Loading Dock Solutions for Heat Processing Industry

In addition to the products we sell, we also offer custom steel fabrication services for all of our heat processing material handling equipment. Our steel fabrication facility has the ability to cut, burn, weld, machine and paint large steel fabrications all under one roof.

For heat processing applications in particular, we offer services for industrial oven components, fabrication and machining, providing you with a one-stop solution for any specific solution. All of our material handling equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, everything is tailor-made just for you, and everything is proudly produced in the USA.

No matter what special applications your yard ramp has to be ready for, we’ll design the perfect steel loading dock solutions just for your facility. Copperloy by JH Industries is proud to work with the best technical staff on the market today.

Rent Loading Dock Solutions for the Heat Processing Industry

If your facility doesn’t have the need for a permanent yard ramp or portable dock ramp, but you often have short term projects that require loading and unloading, renting a yard ramp might be your best option.

A yard ramp rental is the perfect option for one day jobs and short term projects, and you’ll always be able to count on the quality of Copperloy Products.

Any of our heavy-duty ramps are available for rent, for any project, and any demanding circumstances. If you’re ready to streamline operations in the heat processing industry, Rent from Copperloy today.

Used Yard Ramps for the Heat Processing Industry

If your project requires a permanent yard ramp, but you need to stick to a budget, you can still find the best yard ramps for the heat processing industry at great prices at Copperloy. All of our used yard ramps pass a thorough inspection before being sold at any of our distribution centers nation wide.

You can count on our experienced sales team to set you up with the perfect yard ramp to improve safety productivity at your job site at a great price. All with the quality you’d expect from a brand new Copperloy Ramp.

Find a Copperloy Dealership

Whether your facility is located in an out-of-the-way area in Texas or near a big city in Pennsylvania, Copperloy’s dealers throughout the continental US can help you find the loading dock equipment you need to increase efficiency and safety. You’ll get quick and convenient access to yard ramps, portable loading docks, edge-of-dock levelers and other custom-fabricated equipment through our national distribution network.

No matter what industry you’re in, or what your specific needs and challenges are, Copperloy is here to help you get the job done as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. Everything we make is always proudly made in the USA, and we have experience working across dozens of different industries.


Industries across the country rely on our heavy-duty yard ramps to get the job done right. We can accommodate a wide variety of capacities and applications, no matter what industry you”re in.

Feel free to stop by any of our distribution centers or contact us for more information on yard ramps for heat processing. Our staff is compassionate and innovative at supplying any yard ramp solution your industry might be missing.

Learn more about our capabilities and our heat processing industry material handling equipment solutions and products by contacting us today. You can also call us directly at 888-612-1209.

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