How Renting a Yard Ramp Can Improve Productivity

In the market for a yard ramp, but wondering if you should rent or buy? Sometimes it makes more sense to rent.

Consider this example.

Summer is here in Ohio, meaning it’s time to plant the backyard garden. Of course, the soil still needs some TLC—even after a mild Ohio winter. A walk-behind tiller can make quick work of preparing the soil in advance of planting, but it’s a job that only needs to be done once per season.

So rather than invest in a tiller, why not opt to rent it from the local hardware store? It makes quick work of the task, while also saving money.

This same logic can also be applied to your business when you’re in need of a yard ramp, but only for a specified job or length of time. No matter what the situation, a yard ramp can speed up the loading and unloading process, while also saving you money in the long run.

Read on to learn about some of the scenarios where renting a yard ramp over purchasing can make more sense, as well as some of the safety benefits.

Seasonal or Short-Term Yard Ramp Rental

Oftentimes, seasonal businesses will only need a yard ramp for six months or less. Renting a yard ramp (one-month minimum) can allow your employees to not only unload faster, but also do so safely.

Or maybe you have one job that could be completed faster with yard ramps. We had a beverage company that was moving to a new facility. Renting a yard ramp helped speed up the move-in process for that customer.

Still other companies will rent warehouse space knowing that they won’t have a need for additional yard ramps once the lease is up in a year. Rather than have to sell the ramp or put it into storage, they can simply return the ramp to us.

Focus on Employee Safety

Copperloy yard ramps, whether rented or purchased, can also improve the work environment for employees. Ramps help limit manual lifting, which can lead to injury.

Our ramps connect to trailers or docks in a one-piece system. When the ramp is connected to a trailer, the ramp moves up or down as the trailer is loaded or unloaded. Competitor ramps often have flip-down plates, which can cause pinch points for employees. These ramps also often have legs, which can make it difficult for the forklift to get in and out of the trailer.

Try Before You Buy Your Ramp

Finally, renting a yard ramp from Copperloy can also give you a chance to try out our loading dock equipment for a few months before making the decision to buy. All of our yard ramps available for rent are factory certified at our facility in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Have a seasonal project that could benefit from the rental of a yard ramp? We’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss your options.