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For heavy tasks, Copperloy has heavy equipment! Copperloy is the industry leader in custom loading and unloading solutions. When it comes to warehouse dock ramps, we offer two unparalleled solutions. First, dock-to-ground ramps. Dock-to-ground ramps are an ideal, more permanent solution for warehouses. Second, there are yard ramps. Yard Ramps are innovative and durable, a solution for warehouses and semi-trailer loading and unloading.

A portable warehouse ramp is a versatile piece of warehouse equipment that will expand your present capacity and create loading and unloading facilities where no dock exists, without new construction. Warehouse ramps provide ground-level access to trucks, railcars or buildings. Their mobility makes it easy to move from job to job and handle freight with a forklift or lift truck virtually anywhere.

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Dock-to-Ground Ramps | Warehouse Dock Ramps

Dock-to-ground ramps are great for material handling. Efficiently transport freight from grade level to dock height. Traditionally, dock-to-ground ramps are for long-term, fixed, loading and unloading. Copperloy’s ramps can be built to meet custom specifications. These ramps are versatile, low-maintenance, and durable.

Ideal for warehouse material handling. With these ramps, you’ll no longer have to worry about long-term, fixed, reliable loading and unloading solutions. Ideal for handling situations where vehicles travel from grade level to dock level. These ramps are versatile with standard widths of up to 118 inches and capacities up to 30,000 lbs. Accommodating just about any loading application that can arise.

Additionally, these fixed yard ramps can be relocated when needed, unlike concrete ramps. Requiring minimal cleaning or repair, and designed to be installed quickly and stored easily. The open-faced steel grating of the dock allows snow, water, and other debris to fall through, leaving a high-traction running surface. Made in the USA with durability to last.

Speed Up Your Dock to Ground Loading & Unloading

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Dock to ground ramp look out from the dock

Open-faced, steel grating allows snow, water, and other debris to fall through. As a result, a high-traction running surface is available throughout varying weather conditions. Dock-to-ground ramps provide an innovative alternative to permanent concrete installations.

dock to ground | drive up ramp

These warehouse dock ramps support a wide range of capacities. Additionally, upon request, custom sizes and specifications are available. For example, check out our custom two-piece, extra-long dock ramp! Copperloy created this ramp for a unique loading situation.

  • Widths: Standard widths up to 118″, custom available upon request!
  • Capacities: 16,000-30,000 lbs.

Yard Ramps | Warehouse Dock Ramps

Yard Ramps are the best mobile solution for ground-level access to docks, trucks, containers, and buildings. Create a loading facility without the need for time-consuming construction! Yard ramps handle capacities up to 35,000 lbs. Additionally, many yard ramp models are in stock and prepared to ship out the next day.

Copperloy designs yard ramps that provide the most durability /yard-ramps/in the industry. During their sixty years in the industry, Copperloy has been consistently enhancing its yard ramp designs. Furthermore, in comparison to similar equipment, Copperloy dock ramps are much safer, more likely to bolster efficiency, and more capable of resisting the tremendous workload of a typical warehouse workday. Discover the key features below!