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If you work in the steel industry, you’re of a different breed. You work long hours in grueling conditions but never sacrifice precision and quality in the steel products you produce. Your daily grind deserves the safest, most efficient loading and unloading processes so you can work hard and smart.

Depending on the day, you might need to handle lots of heavy-duty material quickly, and being able to improve productivity without putting your safety or your coworkers’ safety at risk. Keep reading to learn why more workers in the steel industry trust Copperloy for a yard ramp for the steel industry.

Why Use Steel Yard Ramps?

When you need a yard ramp for the steel industry, you need your equipment to carry heavy weights and withstand high temperatures and other risky conditions. Copperloy is the brand of choice when you need a yard ramp that doesn’t quit.

With 12 different yard ramp models available, loading solutions from Copperloy can support 20,000 lb. or 30,000 lb. capacities; 12″ or 14″ projections; and 66″, 72″, 78″ and 84″ widths. Of course, we also provide custom options, so if you’re unsure if there’s a perfect match, we’ll provide you with a customized product to get the job done.

You can easily convert Copperloy’s yard ramps into a hydraulic lift with the addition of our hydraulic power unit. Enhance loading dock productivity, efficiency, while also reducing stress and the risk of injury for employees in your steel plant. for yard ramps made of high-quality, heavy-duty steel, our hydraulic power units require minimal maintenance while also offering quick and easy operation.

The hydraulic pump on Copperloy’s yard ramp allows them to rise to the desired height in 11 seconds, which is impressive considering the industry average is 31 seconds, and some of our competitors can even take up to 2 minutes. Adding a hydraulic power unit automatically makes your yard ramp for the steel industry safer and quicker.

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Do I Have to Buy a New Yard Ramp for My Steel Plant?

Whether you are looking to buy a new or used yard ramp for the steel industry facility you run, you’ll find the right loading solution from Copperloy. A used yard ramp from Copperloy provides you with the quality of a new yard ramp without paying a new yard ramp price.

All used yard ramps and loading dock equipment are both factory-certified and guaranteed to Copperloy’s high standards. There’s no doubt about it, you can trust in the quality of Copperloy’s products and our 60 years of experience proudly producing American-made yard ramps.

Material Handling Isn’t an Everyday Thing at My Steel Plant. Can I Rent a Yard Ramp?


If owning one of our yard ramps isn’t right for your business operations, you can still rent the best loading dock equipment in the industry for short-term projects. Consider our yard ramp rental program if you don’t need a yard ramp at your steel plant all the time.

Yard ramp rentals from Copperloy are the perfect option for 1-day jobs that require extra material handling without a long-term commitment. Plus, any time you rent a yard ramp from Copperloy, you’re always covered with the same factory-certified products from our entire lineup of high-quality, durable yard ramps for the steel industry, lifts, or edge of dock levelers for loading docks and material handling facilities of all kinds.

Can Copperloy Help me Maintain my Yard Ramp for the Steel Industry?

Our experienced staff is well equipped to help you maintain your yard ramp for years to come. Copperloy by JH Industries always makes sure to carry all the necessary parts and accessories for our inventory of loading dock equipment. When you purchase yard ramps especially for the steel industry, from us, we want to stand by our name so you can use our products for years.

Some spare parts you can order include specialty parts for our ramps like lower pin brackets, bushings, bumpers, pins, and more. The Copperloy yard ramp is always a reliable choice for the steel industry but does have a few parts that can sometimes need changing, so make sure you contact one of our specialists to take extra special care of your yard ramp.

Where Can I Buy Copperloy’s Yard Ramps for the Steel Industry?

Whether your steel plant is located in rural Texas or near a bigger city like Chicago, IL, Copperloy has dealers throughout the United States that can help you find the absolute best yard ramp you need to improve your productivity in the steel industry. You always have quick and convenient access to yard ramps, portable loading docks, edge of dock levelers, and other custom-fabricated material handling equipment through our national distributor network.

For the innovative and impressive workers in the steel industry, no matter what your specific loading needs and challenges are, Copperloy is here to help you get the job done as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. This ensures you can focus on the work you do best. Copperloy’s Yard Ramps are proudly made in the USA.

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Ready to Improve Productivity with Copperloy?

Finding the right yard ramp is easy with our large selection of mobile ramps, dock boards, dock plates, and more. Just select the product category you’re interested in and view our many safe and durable options in loading dock equipment. From edge of dock levelers to lifts, to yard ramps to accessories like wheel chocks, we have exactly what you need.

In addition to our standard products like portable ramps, dock boards, and more, we are equipped to create completely customized versions of any of our loading dock equipment. This can include custom lifts, portable yard ramps and truck ramps, dock boards, dock plates, and loading dock equipment that help you outperform your competitors.

Learn more about the industries we serve and find out if we can help you with your application. Contact Copperloy for more information about our services and the perfect style of forklift ramp for the steel industry today!