Copperloy Edge of Dock Leveler for Loading Docks

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Copperloy is dedicated to providing customers with as many resources as possible.  It is our goal to teach clientele proper safety, operating advice, and more.  Check out our mobile yard ramp video here and visit us on YouTube for more!

When you need to maximize safety, efficiency and profitability in the workplace, Copperloy edge of dock levelers could provide your ideal solution. These pieces bridge gaps between loading docks and truck ramps to allow for smooth transitions.

A Copperloy edge of dock leveler makes problems with different dock heights a thing of the past. With the easy lift of a lever, Copperloy’s edge of dock leveler can help you load or unload from most dock positions.

Copperloy edge of dock levelers are easy to use. Putting our edge of dock levelers in place is as easy as pulling a handle. To explain, dual extension springs allow for easy and smooth lift assistance.

After pulling the handle, the lip plate will lift over the truck height and rest securely on the trailer.  We also offer hydraulic activation on any new or existing Copperloy edge of dock ramp if you prefer. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

These pieces require little maintenance. We use lubricated-for-life bearings at all linkage point pivots. As a result, our levelers last, and you don’t have to put in much maintenance time. In fact, the only maintenance you’ll need to perform is lubricating the hinges. We make this easy by equipping them with grease fittings.

Furthermore, we make our bumpers from our own special blend of reinforced rubber and mount them to a steel box frame.  Clearly, we use a construction to last and provide maximum protection of the dock leveler as well.  A steel-faced bumper guard is also an option.

How can you choose the right edge of dock leveler for your space? You and your team should consider how frequently you and your team will use your loading dock, your existing cleaning procedures and necessary load capacities. Count on the team from Copperloy to help you select the right edge of dock leveler for your space and your goals.

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Features and Benefits

Copperloy edge of dock levelers accommodate trucks 5” above or below dock levels.The company carries 20,000 lb. capacity and 30,000 lb. capacity models and both mechanical and hydraulic options. 

Many teams choose edge of dock levelers as fixed alternatives to movable dock boards. To list, Copperloy offers edge of dock levelers in 66”, 62”, 78” and 84” widths. In all, the selection includes the right piece for nearly any workspace layout. To ensure correct fits, customers can choose to implement both transition plates and approach ramps. 

Why choose a Copperloy edge of dock leveler for your space? Along with easy maintenance, a convenient spring assembly and lift mechanism combination allows for easier board positioning than alternative installations.

See for yourself. Watch how easy to use and solidly built they are for yourself.  The video below shows one in action.

Standing by Our Products

First, we make sure our products meet our high standards before they ever reach you.  Indeed, all units come factory-tested.  Once you receive your Copperloy edge of dock leveler, you’ll find comfort in knowing it comes with a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  Learn more about Copperloy yard ramps and how we can help solve your loading and unloading challenges.