Heavy-Duty Aluminum Ramps

Maximize Productivity with Copperloy Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramps

Are you looking for reliable, loading equipment for your facility? Copperloy heavy duty aluminum ramps are the best equipment for maximizing space, safety, and productivity. In fact, we are a leading developer of loading equipment solutions. Our ramps feature strong aluminum construction with superior safety and performance standards to other industry ramps.

Copperloy offers more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy duty aluminum loading ramps. Our expert team of engineers and advanced manufacturing equipment work together so we can deliver the best aluminum heavy duty ramps in the industry.

Here at Copperloy, we understand that safety needs to be a top priority for freight loading operations. So, we design our heavy duty folding aluminum ramps to offer exceptional accessibility and balance for forklifts.

In fact, Copperloy heavy duty ramps are designed to meet and exceed OSHA safety standards. As a result, you can avoid potentially dangerous accidents and protect your workers.

Why Choose Copperloy Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramps?

Most importantly, Copperloy heavy duty aluminum trailer ramps feature a high-efficiency one-cylinder design. So, they need much less pressure and effort to raise in comparison to other truck ramps. Copperloy’s unique one-cylinder loading ramp design also offers many other benefits:

  • Ease of operation With the hydraulic pump positioned on the exterior, access, and operation is far more convenient.
  • Speedy raise times Copperloy aluminum loading ramps heavy duty raise two and a half times quicker than two-cylinder loading ramps.
  • Reduced wear and tear All rotation focuses on the aluminum ramp’s positioning sleeve instead of its connection, so it minimizes wear and maintenance requirements.
  • Excellent balance and stability Our ramp design eliminates tipping with a centrally-located cylinder.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramps Key Features

Whether you purchase new or used heavy duty aluminum ramps from Copperloy, you receive the advantages of many unique features:


Safety and accessibility are core aspects of Copperloy heavy duty ramps, so we design our ramps with an 8-foot level off. As a result, loading with forklifts is more efficient and safer for forklift operators.


Our ramps feature a lip that rests on truck carrier bodies as well as dock platforms and floors. We also include 8-foot safety chains to keep the ramp from pulling away.


The single-active, hydraulic pump needs only half the effort to lift relative to other ramps on the market. This pump handle is also on the exterior of the ramp. As a result, the operation is easier and the pump has protection from wear and tear. The handle can also be stored when not being used.


Forklift accessibility is crucial for maintaining safety and efficiency, so we design our ramps with a low end plate. This plate is designed to sit lower than a forklifts wheelbase. As a result, the front wheels can reach the deck grating without letting the back wheels leave the ground. Ground-level entry is much easier with Copperloy ramps.


The deck grating of Copperloy ramps consists of high-quality, electro-forged, serrated metals. This grating is designed with 1/4″ to 3/4″ bars and with 1″ spacing. As a result, rain, dirt, snow, water, and other debris passes through the grating, maintaining high traction even during intense weather.


Solid tires are a central feature of all Copperloy heavy duty aluminum ramps. Pneumatic tires do not require refilling, so they have much lower maintenance requirements than air-filled tires. Our tires also have lubricated bearings to further reduce maintenance needs. So, you will not have to make replacements as often as air-filled tires, saving valuable time and money.


The positioning sleeve gives forklift operators 180 degrees of maneuverability to work with, so repositioning your ramps is always quick and efficient. Simply slide the fork into the sleeve and reposition the ramp for the next job.

In addition, this feature is not designed for long-distance and over-the-road towing.


The towbar is another unique feature that offers improved maneuverability. Operators can safely tow your heavy duty loading ramps short distances throughout your facility at a max speed of 5-mph.

This feature is also not meant for over-the-road towing.


Each ramp is designed with a 6-inch safety curb, so our ramps inherently prevent runoff for forklifts. The box-frame construction and hollow-section design also reduce stress for heavy loads and cargo breakout. As a result, Copperloy ramps are the safest loading dock equipment solutions on the market.


Lastly, one of the best advantages of choosing Copperloy is the ability to customize designs for heavy duty truck ramps. We can readily meet your application’s unique requirements with our 60 years of experience in loading ramp design and manufacturing.

If you are looking for heavy duty aluminum ramps for sale or other loading dock equipment, contact Copperloy today!