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Used Dock Boards For Sale 

Copperloy’s used dock boards can solve difficult dock challenges, and work with pre-existing equipment or spaces. Our used dock boards are high strength, durable and portable, with some of the highest capacities in the industry.

We have a variety of options from aluminum and all steel boards.

  • Steel with welded curbs
  • Aluminum with welded curbs
  • Aluminum with bolt-on steel curbs

With our used dock board inventory, we can offer your facility a low-cost alternative to solve difficult challenges of your loading dock requirements. Contact our loading dock experts today. 

Knowing the difference between a dock board and a dock plate. 

We are often asked what is the difference between a dock board and a dock plate. The biggest difference between the two is its work capacity. Dock boards are designed to handle forklift use while dock plates are designed for hand trucks and pallet jacks. 

Watch the dock equipment video below to learn more about the Copperloy® dock board.

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Additional Videos

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