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Improve Your Loading Experience With Our Long Lasting Van Ramps

Copperloy is the industry leader for high-quality aluminum van ramps. Aluminum moving ramps from Copperloy are built to be durable and versatile and will continue to meet your needs for years and years to come.

Our van ramps are available in capacities from 2,500 to 4,000 lbs, widths of 38 to 44 inches, and lengths from 6 to 16 feet. Depending on the length, they can also work with heights as high as 48 inches. Specifically, there are a dozen different standard models with various specifications sure to match your circumstances. To find the right van ramp for you, contact us today and we will make sure you are getting the right ramp from the start.

Searching for twin lock or split ramps? Copperloy split ramps are available in both light-duty and heavy-duty models. Light-duty pieces offer capacities of 6,000 lbs. while heavy-duty ramps have capacities of 7,500 lbs.

Aluminum moving ramps are heavy-duty but also lightweight, and they will hold up to their standards indefinitely. When you purchase a moving truck ramp from Copperloy, your van loading equipment will receive an instant upgrade. Connect with the team of manufacturers from Copperloy to learn about safety features, materials, pricing, and more.

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Interested in our van ramps and want more info?

Let us know below and we will reach out with more details. Dealer pricing available.

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Applications for Van Ramps


When you need to carefully move important stage equipment like instruments or audio equipment, you need a durable Copperloy stage ramp. Our stage ramps are durable and safe, and make loading and unloading easier. Production companies, concert halls, theaters, and stadiums have trusted Copperloy stage ramps for years. Even the Rocksino knows Copperloy’s high-quality equipment can’t be beaten!

Copperloy stage ramps come with unique features like:

  • Shark tooth deck grating to create a slip-resistant surface
  • Runoff curbs and non-slip decking for safety
  • Lengths up to 20 feet
  • Widths up to 72 inches
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy mobility

A Copperloy stage ramp is available in capacities from 2,500 lbs to 4,000 lbs.


Copperloy specializes in loading dock equipment that makes loading and unloading materials easier, faster, and safer. While facilities benefit from our edge of dock levels and yard ramps, other businesses need our smaller and more specialized equipment like a cargo van ramp. A Copperloy cargo van ramp creates a safe transition between a cargo van and the ground, ensuring the worker can transport heavy or fragile materials. Catering services benefit from durable but lightweight cargo van ramps while transporting heavy trays of food or decorative desserts.


Moving into a new house or apartment is exciting, but it can also be stressful. After packing up all of your belongings, how are you supposed to safely move them? A moving truck ramp can be connected to a moving van you