High-Strength Aluminum Van Ramp

Split Van Ramps – Versatility With Solutions

Our split van ramps are especially ideal for those in the theater, concert and moving industries! Split van ramps are designed to maximize space, maximize productivity and maximize the safety and stability of operations.

Copperloy’s split van ramps are designed with features of:

  • High-strength aluminum
  • Light-weight design – easy to transport
  • Durable enough for heavy-duty applications
  • Fine-tuned welded construction – delivering long-lasting results
  • Capacities ranging from 900-7,500 pounds
  • Single widths of 19 inches
  • Locked widths of 38 inches
  • Lengths ranging from 26-44 inches
  • 10 Feet heights ranging from 20 to 28 inches
  • 12 Feet heights ranging from 25 to 34 inches
  • 14 Feet heights ranging from 29 to 40 inches
  • Shark tooth decking – provides a non-slip deck surface
  • 3-inch runoff curbs
  • 12-inch lip
  • 15-degree angle
  • American Made

Get the versatility and solutions you need for your next loading and unloading operations with Copperloy split van ramps. Split van ramps can be used individually and or locked together for handling heavier loads. No matter how you use them, they provide convenient loading and unloading solutions that will make your process smoother and quicker.

Copperloy offers a full range of in-stock loading and unloading equipment options all available with three purchase options; New, Used and Rentals available anywhere in the US. Custom options are also available. Contact a Copperloy representative today to learn more.

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