The 3 Best Loading Dock Equipment Pieces You Need Now

Why You Need a Dock Leveler, Dock Plate, and Dock Board To Optimize Your Facility 

As an owner of a loading dock facility, you know the importance of safety and productivity in your facility. You need employees to be protected while they work to ensure maximum production levels. One of the best ways to support your safety and production standards is to invest in high-quality loading dock equipment. Here at Copperloy, we offer a range of equipment options to make this possible including an edge of dock leveler, dock plate, and a dock board.  

But how can these items change the productivity at your loading dock facility? How do you know what’s designed to be safe? Below are the 3 best loading dock equipment pieces you need and how they can optimize your loading dock process. 


How Loading Dock Equipment Optimizes Your Facility

Edge of Dock Leveler

Copperloy edge of dock leveler An edge of dock leveler (EOD) is used to bridge the gap between the edge of a loading dock area to a truck or ramp. Dock levelers are installed to the edge of a loading dock for a stable connection during loading and unloading. An edge of dock leveler is ideal to use when trucks are backing up to a loading dock. 

The EOD handle is pulled to activate the lever to lift over the top height of the truck for easy positioning and height matching. A dock leveler from Copperloy works with trucks that are 5” above or below dock levelers. It’s also available in 20,000 and 30,000 lb. models. No matter your facility or loading dock, we have an edge of dock leveler for you.

But what makes an edge of dock leveler safe? You can drive a forklift across an EOD while knowing it’s locked in place for safe freight handling. This ensures that your employees driving the forklifts across the dock leveler are safe from tipping or entering the trucks at an uneven height. A safe and efficient loading dock process will keep your employees working at their best throughout the day. Contact us today to get your edge of dock leveler now. 


Dock Plate 

Copperloy dock plate | dock leveler and moreA dock plate is smaller than an edge of dock leveler. Dock plates are flat pieces of metal that have a slight bend to them for easier transitions between areas. Our dock plates don’t have curbs, which makes them ideal for irregular or sharp turns. You can use dollies, pallet jacks, and carts with dock plates because of the absence of the curb. 

Dock plates are an ideal choice for lightweight applications, meaning they should not be used with heavy-duty equipment like forklifts. Each plate is designed to handle capacities between 1,000 and 17,000 lbs. You can choose between steel or aluminum bases for your dock plates.

Because dock plates are ideal for lightweight applications, they are the best option for quick and safe unloading and loading at your facility. Employees can quickly push a cart between the loading dock and edge of a truck with a dock plate to secure the connection. Quicker load times will mean your staff can move on to the next shipment and increase productivity. 


Dock Board 

Copperloy dock board | dock leveler and moreDock boards help solve a unique problem related to both edge of dock levelers and dock plates. For instance, if you don’t have an edge of dock leveler installed at your loading dock but you need something more than a dock plate for a forklift to drive across, a dock board is a fantastic temporary solution. 

A Copperloy dock board is made from reinforced steel and is designed to temporarily bridge the gap between your loading dock and a truck. This helps maximize productivity by allowing heavy-duty equipment like forklifts to safely drive onto a freight bed or box truck. With a range of models, our dock boards can accommodate 10,000-15,000 lbs. 

While you wait on your plans to install an edge of dock leveler, a dock board can also ensure safety for your loading dock workers. Instead of maneuvering across an unstable area between the dock and a truck, there is now a secure and durable board to guide the forklift across the gap. 


Get The Best Loading Dock Equipment Now 

To maximize safety and productivity in your loading facility, you need an edge of dock leveler, dock plate, and dock board. Each item will help you load and unload shipments faster while keeping employees safe on the dock.

Copperloy products have been the best in the industry for over 60 years. Our products are manufactured right here in the USA and are unmatched in quality and durability. If you want to improve your loading dock facility, contact us today to learn more.

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