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Loading Dock Metal Plate Solutions for Material Handling Operations

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Looking for a loading dock metal plate (also known as dock platesand dock boards) for all your warehouse operational needs? Dock boards and dock plates are similar in design and look, with the biggest differences being capacity and side curbs. Knowing the difference between the two is paramount to your warehouse operational safety and success.

Both offer cost-effective solutions for industries that load and unload freight on a daily and temporary basis. Additionally, both offer a skid-resistant diamond pattern decking to ensure the safety of employees and delivery drivers. Both small and large warehouses can benefit from a Copperloy dock plate or dock board.

Designed to compensate for height differences and bridge the gap between dock and truck or truck and warehouse floor and. So how do you deciphering the best fit for your loading operations? You will need to factor in the capacity limit you need and what type of dock equipment you use.

Copperloy Warehouse Dock Plates

Dock plates are constructed of aluminum and designed for low to medium volume loading environments where non-powered equipment is employed. These lightweight dock plates can be positioned by hand and are ideal for use with hand trucks and pallet jacks. Additionally, our dock plate is ideal for delivery vehicles, enabling drivers to be more efficient with delivery times. Copperloy dock plates are not intended for use with forklift and pallet trucks.

The design of the dock plate is flat and features an 11-inch lip that is bent to 11-degrees. This provides a flush, safe and smooth transition from tractor-trailer to the dock. An additional feature is the rugged bolt-on steel legs. These locks and keep the plate secured in place and will not slip during the loading and unloading process.

Please note that dock plates do not come with side curbs. However, they do feature brightly colored striping on both sides of the plate to increase visibility and prevent injury.

With this lightweight aluminum dock plate, you have the ability to transport the loading dock metal plate to remote locations. However, even though lightweight our dock plates can handle capacities up to 12,500 pounds.

Copperloy Warehouse Dock Boards

Constructed of aluminum and all steel dock boards are designed for capabilities ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. Copperloy offers dock boards in 3 different styles of:

An additional feature of all our dock boards is side curbs. Side curbs prevent runoff of forklifts and other motorized equipment used when loading and unloading freight


If you are still unsure of which loading dock equipment is the best fit for your operations contact Copperloy today. Our knowledgeable staff will ask all the questions to help determine which one is the perfect fit for your operations.

Copperloy dock plates and dock boards are available in a wide variety of dimensions, heights, and capacities. Additionally, we can customize material handling equipment to meet preexisting space requirements and equipment requirements.

We also offer a variety of permanent dock equipment including edge of dock levelers and dock lifts Whatever your loading operation needs, Copperloy has the equipment you need to increase the profitability and safety of your warehouse.

Copperloy has been manufacturing dock equipment for over 60 years. Additionally, everything is manufactured right here in the United States. We are proud of our capabilities and the equipment we manufacture.

Watch the dock equipment video below to learn more