Make Your Loading Dock More Efficient with Heavy Duty Ramps

Spend Less Time Waiting and More Time Working

Do you find yourself falling behind on shipments at your loading dock? You only have so much space to accommodate incoming trucks, and when you run out, all you can do is wait for the next spot to open. This is far from ideal in the logistics and trucking industries where time is the most important resource.

If one link in the supply chain slows down, the entire network slows down, so you need a way to expand when the going gets tough. Copperloy heavy duty ramps are the best way to increase capacity and improve workflow at your loading dock. You will be able to stay on track with incoming shipments and manage the heaviest workloads with ease.

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But what does Copperloy offer in comparison to other heavy duty loading ramps? What do we do differently that makes loading docks more efficient?

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How Do Copperloy Heavy Duty Ramps Make Loading Easier?

Superior Hydraulics Systems

Time is the secret to designing the perfect loading dock ramps. We design our ramps to save as much time as possible with the help of our unique hydraulics systems. Hydraulics is what allows the ramp to steadily rise and lower itself to match the height of docks and tractor trailers. However, not all hydraulics systems are made equal.

Most standard heavy duty ramps use double-acting hydraulic cylinders for vertical positioning. These systems can produce high levels of pressure, but they are not really necessary for most situations. More importantly, they are bulky and slow, which wastes time you could spend on other tasks.

Our single-acting hydraulic ramp design is the ideal choice for loading docks looking to minimize downtime and meet their quotas with time to spare. Here are some advantages of single-acting hydraulics you will not get with double-acting systems:

  • Faster Setup – In comparison to double-acting ramps, a single-acting heavy duty ramp will raise 2.5X faster, and with the hand pump on the exterior, you can set up your ramp in half the time with half the effort.
  • Better Balance & Stability – The single hydraulic cylinder is positioned at the center of the ramp. This prevents the ramp from wobbling or tipping as forklifts access the ramp from either side, making loading trucks a smoother, safer process.
  • Compact Dimensions – Double-acting hydraulics are much larger, increasing the dimensions of the overall ramp. Single-acting hydraulics allow for a more compact design, so moving your ramp between tasks significantly less difficult.

Quick & Easy Positioning

Speaking of moving your ramp, Copperloy heavy duty ramps offer mobility features. These ramps are often called “portable loading docks” because they allow you to load trucks from almost anywhere. But these ramps can weigh upwards of 6,000 pounds, so you cannot just pull them around by hand. These features make maneuvering your ramp quick and easy whether you are accommodating a new shipment or moving the ramp to the opposite side of your loading dock:

  • Positioning Sleeve – This feature allows forklifts to reposition that ramp at a full 180 degrees, so moving to a new location does not take several turns and pivots. The sleeve also provides forklifts with an easy method for linking the ramp to tractor trailers.
  • Towbar – If you need to move your ramp to a different area in your facility, the towbar is here to help. It will allow you to two the ramp at speeds up to 5-mph, so you can get to the next task in no time.
  • 18-Inch Solid Tires – Standard heavy duty ramps use air-filled tires that will frequently deflate or pop, requiring costly and time-consuming maintenance. Copperloy ramps have solid tires with lubricated bearings to minimize maintenance and downtime. The pneumatic design provides the cushioning necessary for traveling over rough terrain, so you do not have to worry about constantly replacing flat tires.
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NOTICE: These features are not designed for high-speed towing. If you need to move your ramp over long distances, you will need specialized transport.

Safe Workers Work Faster

Loading docks are naturally hazardous work areas. Forklifts and semi trucks are extremely heavy and move at high speeds. Even with licensed operators, these machines are dangerous, requiring employees to have extensive training on how to work around them. With so many safety hazards already in place, you do not need ramps that introduce even more issues.

If workers feel like there is a constant threat of an accident occurring, it will be more difficult to focus on the work in front of them. Damaged materials are one thing, but an injured employee means less manpower and costly workers’ compensation payouts. Copperloy designs ramps that help your loading dock meet OSHA laws and regulations, so workers can stay on task and avoid accidents that could cost you valuable time and money. Here are some of the safety features included with our heavy duty ramps:

  • The deck grating on Copperloy heavy duty ramps8-Foot Level Off: This gives forklifts 8 feet of space to level out before accessing the truck trailer bed.
  • 15-Inch Lip: The lip rests on the bed of the tractor trailer to fully bridge the gap and create a safer pathway for forklifts. We also include safety chains that link the ramp to the truck and prevent it from pulling away.
  • Low End Plate: This plate sits lower than a forklift’s wheelbase. A forklift can access a Copperloy ramp without any tires leaving the ground, making the ride significantly safer and smoother.
  • Serrated Deck Grating: Designed with electro-forged steel, this grating maintains high traction for forklift tires even during heavy rain or snow.
  • 7-inch Safety Curbs: These curbs will prevent runoff as forklifts go up and down the ramp.
  • Central Hydraulic Cylinder: With the cylinder at the center of the ramp, the hydraulic system automatically adjusts to shifts in weight as forklifts use the ramp. This actively prevents wobbling and tipping, minimizing the chances of an accident that will damage cargo or injure an employee.

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If you are looking to improve the workflow at your loading dock, you can depend on Copperloy. Our heavy duty ramps are a welcome addition to any freight handling operation, and we offer a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet the needs of your unique facility. Not sure of exactly what you need? Contact us today, and our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the ideal option for your dock!