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The metal processing industry requires the correct material handling equipment to ensure a safe workplace. At Copperloy, we produce custom solutions for metal processing material handling equipment that will keep employees safe and injury-free, while also greatly increasing productivity and efficiency for the entire business.

There are a number of injuries that can occur in the metal processing industry if you’re not careful. Even if workers are taught the proper way to lift heavy materials, injuries can take place. Teaching the proper way to handle heavy equipment isn’t doing enough to keep your employees safe and productive. That’s why Copperloy offers a variety of unique material handling equipment solutions for the metal processing industry.

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Lift Tables

metal processing equipment dock lift tableLift tables reduce stress and strain on workers, which can minimize injuries and enhance safety at your metal processing facility. With reduced injuries, your business can be more efficient and productive. We offer a variety of lift tables including hydraulic, ergonomic, tilt, low-entry and double-long lift tables.

Our dock lifts are designed for durability and dependability. They’ll keep your employees safe as they help increase productivity at your metal processing company. These heavy-duty, solid steel dock lifts can be permanently installed or portable, making them the perfect complement to any metal processing facility. Choose from our pit-mount or surface mount dock lifts.

Additional Equipment Beyond Metal Processing Equipment

Additionally, we produce a huge range of material handling equipment which may be able to serve your company and facility, from dock boards to yard ramps to edge of dock levelers. We also provide custom designs and products with our entirely in-house engineering team, ensuring we’ll have the perfect match for any unique need or specification.

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