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Machine Tooling and Fixtures Industry Loading Dock Equipment

The machine-tool industry is a small but crucial sector of U.S. manufacturing. Machine tools—which cut and form metal—are crucial for reproducing the technologies required in our industrial economy. Machine tools assist in several common manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, laser or plasma cutting, screw machining, milling, drilling, and boring.

The complex components required by these machines must be ultra-precision to maintain the high-performance standards of the industry, and the workplace must be efficient and safe.

There’s no better way to create a safer and more productive work environment in the machine tooling industry than there is with Copperloy’s Loading Solutions. For over 60 years, the industries we serve count on us to get everything right the first time to keep their employees safe, happy, and efficient on the job.

If you’re in the machine tooling and fixtures industry, your work requires the help of specialized equipment. That’s where Copperloy can help you. We offer a variety of unique material handling equipment products that will meet your needs. In addition, we offer special steel fabrication services specifically designed to meet your requirements, allowing us to provide unmatched custom-made machine tooling and fixtures solutions.

Custom Fabrication for the Machine, Tooling and Fixtures Industry

Our steel fabrication facility has the ability to cut, burn, machine, weld, and pain large custom steel fabrications that meet your specifications. We have certified welders, automated robotic cells, and experienced machinists at the ready to help you. Our entire team is in-house, which means that we’ll handle all of your needs from design to manufacturing, from raw materials to finished products. Of course, our material handling equipment is proudly made in the USA.

Customized Loading Solutions for the Machine Tooling Industry

In your work environment, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. That’s why Copperloy is equipped for custom steel fabrications so you have the perfect dock ramp for your facility.

Here are just a few of the ways we can meet your needs for machine tooling and fixtures:

  • Assembly fixtures and tooling
  • Robotic fixtures and tooling
  • Table base steel plate fabrication and machining
  • Gearbox housing fabrication and machining

Typical Applications for Copperloy Loading Docks

Typical applications of our dock ramps are to load from the ground to a truck bed or dock level to the ground. We offer the best pricing on the easiest, fastest way to load and unload a truck using a forklift. Often called warehouse dock ramps, our stationary ramp allows for extra capacity and the ability to load more trucks than you have dock bays.

The dock-to-ground ramps may be used as car ramps to get vehicles your dock height or forklift ramps.

Our standard dock ramps provide the mobility to easily move with a tow motor and quickly raise or lower to the truck height for ground-to-truck applications. This portable dock ramp or mobile ramp allows for high-production where a row of trucks is loaded simultaneously.

Rental Options Available For Machine Tooling Industry

You might find that a permanent yard or loading solution isn’t the right choice for your facility or work environment. This is why we offer rentals of our portable ramps and all material handling equipment for short-term projects.

You’ll be able to work with one of our industry-leading yard ramps and other loading solutions to improve productivity for your machine tooling and fixtures projects. You’ll be glad you went with Copperloy when renting material handling equipment for the machine tooling industry.

New and Used Portable Ramps for Machine and Tooling

Copperloy manufactures some of the best loading and unloading solutions available on the market. Whether you would prefer to invest in our brand new ramps or find a budget-worthy material handling solution, Copperloy is here to meet your needs.

All of our used loading equipment is certified to ensure it performs to the same high standards that we hold our new loading equipment for. Completely customized steel equipment is always available for one-of-a-kind jobs. Don’t trust just anyone for loading docks for the machine tooling industry, Copperloy has the passion and experience to keep your workday productive.

Copperloy Distribution Centers

No matter where you are in the USA, There’s a Copperloy Dealership ready to assist you. As far west as California and as far east as New York.

Contact us today to find out how we can meet your machine tooling and fixtures needs with custom-made material handling equipment, and a wide range of products and solutions. Call us at 800-321-4968 to begin.

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