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Searching for a top-rated hydraulic ramp?  Look no further.  America’s ultimate yard ramp features a single-acting hydraulic pump.  Resulting in ramp raise times that are up to 2 1/2 times faster than competitors.


A yard ramp is essentially a portable loading dock. Yard ramps can be moved throughout shipping yards or open space. Operators can move equipment and materials from ground level to a loading dock. Alternatively, transport from truck level to grade level. Easily facilitate semi loading and unloading tasks when a traditional loading dock isn’t an option.

Why Choose a Hydraulic Ramp?

Hydraulic ramps are a moveable ramp that raises due to transmitted pressure. As a result, height adjustments are easily made for varying applications. Hydraulic yard ramps allow versatility, convenience, and efficiency! Copperloy’s innovative, single-acting hydraulic pump requires less effort to raise. The standard is a two-cylinder hydraulic system. In comparison, Copperloy’s design is faster and performs better.

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Copperloy Loading Solutions Equipment

Copperloy offers our customers an array of purchasing offers. In addition to financing options, we also have pre-owned and rental ramps.


To simplify day-to-day loading tasks without a traditional loading dock, yard ramps are your solution. A cost-effective, safe way to load and unload freight!

  • A wide array of Options
  • Custom Specifications Available


Used ramps are factory-certified and come with the Copperloy guarantee. Get America’s leading ramp at a fraction of the cost!

  • Many models to choose from!
  • Certified Pre-owned


Rental ramps are the ideal solution for short-term projects. Or to test out and see what Copperloy is all about!

  • Industry-Leading rental ramps
  • A ramp for every application!

copperloy yard ramps and loading dock lift

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What is the difference between a positioning sleeve and towbar?
The positioning sleeve comes standard on our steel mobile ramps. It is used to get the ramp into position of the trailer. The towbar is used for towing the ramp around your facility for short distances (3-5mph max speed). The ramp is not designed for road travel.

What kind of tires are on the mobile yard ramp?
The standard tires are 18″ solid/pneumatic tires. The tires do not require air to fill, are maintenance-free, and have lubricated-for-life bearings.

What are the height ranges of the ramps?
The standard height range of the mobile yard ramp is 38″-65″. The standard height range for the dock to ground ramp is 38″-60″. We can customize any ramp to unique height requirements.

How are the ramps secured?
All of our ramps ship with safety chains to secure them. Mobile yards ramps are chained to the trailers. Dock to ground ramps are bolted to the face of the dock with brackets and chains provided.

Are rental yard ramps available?
Yes. Copperloy has a variety of factory-certified ramps for rent and available for short-term loading dock solutions. Factory certified ramps ensure that all components are in working order and are safe for operation. Improve efficiency and production with a factory-certified
dock ramp rental.

Quality Dock Boards over the edge of the dock to ground ramp

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