What Makes a Heavy-Duty Lift Table

Lift tables can work wonders for loading docks, material handling facilities, and other operations across a wide range of industries and potential usages. Of course, not all scissor lift tables are created equal. What should you be looking for, and what really makes a heavy duty lift table you can trust to perform?

When you think about a heavy duty lift table, the first factor that likely comes to mind is how much of a load or capacity it can handle. With capacities of up to 25,000 lbs, the hydraulic lift tables from Copperloy are more than sturdy enough to meet any need and tackle any job.

It’s also important to have a machine that can work with your facility and other equipment or gear. That’s why we produce vertical lift ranges in a variety of specifications, from 24 inches up to 60 inches. Platform sizes range from 24 x 36 inches, to 48 x 96 inches, to handle loads of all shapes and sizes. We have a custom fabrication team, with an in-house engineering team that can create custom lift tables for any need in any plant or material handling situation in addition to heavy duty mobile yard ramps.

Hydraulic lift tables should certainly be easy to operate. That’s why handheld push buttons and foot pedals are both available, and 460-volt, three-phase, two-horsepower motors provide rugged durability and dependability.

Safety features are also key when dealing with heavy loads, machinery and equipment of all kinds. From safety bars and side rails to accordion skirts, toe guards and more, our scissor lift tables are designed to entirely minimize safety concerns and the risk of injuries. Our lift tables feature DU bearings lubricated for life, while captured rollers ensure the lift table won’t upend, and pressure-compensated flow controls provide even, smooth descents and prevent free falls.

Special lift table options from Copplerloy include ergonomic and tilt tables, low-entry tables and double-long tables as well, always ensuring you have the right gear to match your needs.

Watch our lift tables in action, there is a reason they are the best!

With high quality, heavy duty hydraulic lift tables, you’ll receive a range of benefits. You’ll be able to reduce physical strain and injury for your employees, while also increasing their output and productivity, and improving all-around safety conditions. Your operation will become more efficient, effective and capable, and you’ll be able to get more done in less time.

Scissor lift tables can provide you with many advantages, just be sure to make the right choice when you’re ready to make a purchase. For heavy duty functionality and all of the features you’ve been seeking, Copperloy hydraulic lift tables will exceed your expectations. Call us at 800-321-4968 to get started and to learn more about our lift tables and yard ramp.