How Copperloy Goes Green – Our Environmentally Friendly Efforts

Being environmentally friendly, and conscious of decisions and their impact, has become a larger focal point not only for individuals, but for businesses of all shapes and sizes as well. At Copperloy, we make great efforts each and every day to not just go green, but stay green, with recycling initiatives and a variety of additional steps which reduce our footprint, utilize energy efficiently, and much more.

One of the most important green steps we take is to recycle all of the metal and wood we utilize. That equals approximately 30,000 lbs of recycled materials per month, and 360,000 lbs per year! For comparison sake, consider that the recently retired NASA space shuttles weighed about 300,000 lbs. Let’s just say it’s a good thing all of our materials ended up being recycled, and not sent into space!

We also recycle all of our used oils and coolants to ensure that nothing ends up in the trash, and seeping into the environment. Elsewhere in our facilities, our roofing R-value increases heating and energy efficiency, and we utilize high solvent paint which decreases pollutants.

Efficiency is also key in our everyday operations. We’ve recently completed several upgrades to our workshop, the first of which cut our electricity usage for lighting in half, and the second of which cut our energy usage for our heating system in half.

Additionally, we’ve even replaced motors in our machine shops so that they now operate at a fraction of the amps of older models, which also means greatly reduced energy consumption. In one specific instance, an old motor which formerly ran all day and drew excessive amounts of energy has been replaced with a motor which only needs to be run for one hour per day, offering vast reductions in energy usage.

When you buy the high quality, durable loading dock equipment we produce, you’ll also be able to be more efficient in your operations. You have gear that will hold up for the long haul and won’t need to be replaced, and our versatile solutions allow you to be more productive, and to work smarter, not harder. You’ve got equipment that’s made with our planet in mind. Copperloy is a family business and we’re always looking toward the future. Whether it’s the durability and long lasting nature of the product, our ability to anticipate future needs or our dedication to being green, you can feel comfortable that you’re buying more than just a piece of equipment.

At Copperloy, we’ve always been proud of our 50-year track record of producing high quality, industry leading, made in America loading dock equipment. And today, we’re equally as proud of our continued efforts to be environmentally friendly, and to help leave the world in better shape than we found it.