Why Should I Buy a Yard Ramp Rather than Rent One?

Buying a Yard Ramp is Better for Business Owners than Renting

Have you found yourself asking if it’s a good idea to rent or by a ramp or other loading dock equipment?

We field many questions from prospective customers regarding the pros and cons of buying a yard ramp versus renting one. It’s important to understand the full scope of this debate and the upfront and long-term costs, both financial and otherwise. The equipment used at a loading dock has certain requirements, like durability and weight capacities, as well as expense and serviceability.

Day in and day out we talk to people who have sunk considerable amounts of money into renting a yard ramp a few times when they could have bought it for much less resulting in less headache and ended up with a ramp they could use whenever needed. That being said, there are good reasons to rent a yard ramp, so we do offer those options to those who truly need it. However, we usually recommend considering buying a new or used yard ramp first.

Renting Yard Ramps is Expensive

Renting a yard ramp can run anywhere from $1-2,000 per month, plus upfront security deposits. Monthly rentals are also typically the shortest term available. Some quick math will show you that a few rentals over the course of several years can be a major financial burden, without the benefit of owning your own equipment and having it on hand at all times.

Renting is Riskier

Renting a yard ramp comes with additional risks and potential costs. The renter will be held liable for any damage to the ramp which occurs, similar to when you rent a car. Plus, since you’re renting from a third party and not the manufacturer, repairs are going to be exceedingly expensive. Meanwhile, you don’t know the quality or condition of the ramp you’re receiving. It could be quite old or in a state of disrepair, leading to potential safety hazards or ineffectiveness, yet, you could still end up responsible for paying for repairs or damage that was there when you received the ramp.

Buying Provides Room for Growth

We always tell our prospective customers that the need to rent a yard ramp or an additional yard ramp does not always indicate you’ll need one again in the short-term. However, by investing in this equipment, you give your business and your facility the chance to grow. Having a new yard ramp permanently on-site offers your business added versatility and flexibility, and the ability to take on more projects, or larger ones, and to be more productive and profitable. Would you rather set your business up to grow when the situation presents itself or leave yourself in a more stagnant position, where costly short-term stopgap solutions are your only recourse?

Ultimately, buying a yard ramp is always going to be the superior and more cost-effective choice. Over the long haul, you’ll save money while increasing capacity, capability and versatility. You’ll avoid the pitfalls, risks and hidden costs of renting and be investing in your own business. Feel free to contact our team today at 800-321-4968 or by using our contact form for more information. Browse our site to learn more about our yard ramps and other types of material handling equipment.