How A572-50 High Strength Steel Takes Our Ramps to the Next Level

When it comes to steel yard ramps, we insist on leading the industry, and in order to stay on top we need to use the best materials. A572-50 HSLA (High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel) steel plates make it possible for us to create ramps that provide superior strength in a surprisingly light package; two attributes that have our customers beating a path to our door.

Why Use Copperloy’s A572-50 Steel Plate Yard Ramps?

We’ve been doing this for over 60 years and we manufacture in the USA. Copperloy has an innovative in-house engineering team that can meet and exceed any project’s demands with superior customer service. Our 70,000 sq. ft. facility has the finest tools in the industry and our A572-50 ramps are constructed with solid steel side curbs to help prevent runoff, and serrated grating for high traction and durability. Snow and rain fall right through for an incredible lifespan and incredible durability.

Ideal Material for Copperloy Yard Ramps

At Copperloy, we use hot rolled structural steel A572-50 plates because they are simply the best for the job. Tolerance, concentricity, and straightness are major factors in constructing a real workhorse of a ramp and strong carbide and nitride formers produce a small and fine grain, giving the best notch toughness. Each halving of the grain diameter produces a 50% increase in tensile strength.

A572-50 steel is tailor made for our portable or mobile yard ramps, and our dock-to-ground ramps, where extra strength and reduced end product weight are paramount.

What are the Main Features of A572-50 Plate Steel?

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) A572-50 steel is a complex blend of materials that work together to form the ultimate in strength and functionality. Some of its features when used in our ramps include:

  • Blend of columbium and vanadium.
  • Trace elements of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon.
  • Increased corrosion resistance with the addition of copper, nickel, silicon and chromium.
  • Superior resilience and durability from a manufacturing process that requires 25% – 30% more power than standard carbon steel plates.

Our A572-50 plate steel yard ramps are a little harder to form and a little heavier than aluminum but they’re the best option when you deal with heavy weights, and if moving a slightly heavier ramp isn’t a concern. The last thing you want to deal with is a ramp that can’t handle the loads you subject it to on a daily basis. Trust the strength and durability of A572-50 Steel and you will never be disappointed.
Normal hot rolled steel does not guarantee structural properties. If you upgrade the steel to A36 it guarantees the steel strength to 36k min yield. At Copperloy we have upgraded to A572-50, which has a 50k pound minimum yield thanks to its more refined alloys, which give it more strength and weld-ability. We feel this is the best by far material to construct a yard ramp.

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