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One Cylinder Pump Yard Ramps at Copperloy

How One-Cylinder Pump Yard Ramps Save You Time / Why Choose Copperloy?

Are you still using traditional two-cylinder yard ramps at your warehouse facility?  If so, you may be missing out on more efficient loading and unloading of materials.

We are proud to announce we have updated the hydraulic pump design on Copperloy’s lineup of OHSA-compliant industrial yard ramps, and the results are in! These re-designed one cylinder yard ramps are the time savers you have been looking for.

Our redesigned yard ramps are more efficient for two central reasons: (1) Unique positioning capabilities and (2) one-cylinder hydraulic pump design.

Unlike ramps from other manufacturers, Copperloy’s re-engineered design allows ramps to be positioned directly at the truck. As a result, crews can prepare to begin loading two-and-a-half times faster than the standard portable yard ramp setup.

Furthermore, our one-cylinder hydraulic design significantly outperforms standard, two-cylinder ramps. One-cylinder ramps require far less pressure to lift in comparison to two-cylinder ramps. So, you can get to work faster and operate your ramps more easily. Not sure if a Copperloy yard ramp is right for you? Read below to learn more about the many advantages of choosing Copperloy ramps:

How Our One-Cylinder Pump Yard Ramps Save You Time

Smooth side plates on a yard ramp

1. Faster Raise Times – Copperloy’s revamped, one-cylinder design uses less pressure to lift the ramp when compared to traditional yard ramps with two-cylinder hydraulic systems. This allows for not only easier operation, but faster raise time as well—up to two-and-a-half times faster than the average industry yard ramp.

2. Reduced Wear – A traditional two-cylinder pump can rise unevenly due to a variety of conditions, including general wear. Copperloy’s one centrally located cylinder guarantees that the ramp will rise evenly every time.

3. Improved Safety – Our new design provides greater stability because the hydraulic system is disengaged while the ramp is in use. This allows the ramp to work in unison with the raising and lowering of the truck.

4. Easy Pump Access – The pump’s location on the outside of the ramp frame allows for easy access at all times.

5. Reduced Potential for Tire Issues – Solid-filled pneumatic tires can handle rugged terrain without the potential for punctures or air pressure problems.

6. Relocated Rotation Point – Rotation occurs on the redesigned positioning sleeve instead of the ramp connection, reducing wear on the ramp structure.

7. Improved Position Sleeve – Three points of connection greatly reduces the likelihood of disconnection during irregular maneuvers.

Why Choose Copperloy?

Here at Copperloy, we design all of our yard ramps and loading dock equipment to offer maximum productivity. As a leading provider of loading dock equipment, we want to provide our customers with high-quality equipment with exceptional strength, longevity, and efficiency. Most importantly, Copperloy ramps are safer to operate than standard ramp options from other manufacturers.

Copperloy has been a leading innovator in the design of loading dock equipment for more than 60 years. In fact, we equip our team of certified engineers with the industry’s most advanced equipment. This allows us to maintain higher levels of precision during the design and manufacturing processes. As a result, we can consistently deliver yard ramps that exceed quality and performance standards with high-strength construction for safe and easy operation.

Copperloy yard ramps are designed to meet OSHA‘s strict safety standards. Freight loading with forklifts can pose a variety of safety risks for operators and other workers, so meeting these standards is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment.

If you are not sure of what capacity and size are best for your facility, contact Copperloy today, and our technical staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our one-cylinder hydraulic yard ramps.

Watch the comparison video below showcasing the time-saving efficiency of Copperloy’s redesigned yard ramp versus standard industry ramps.