3 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Used Yard Ramp

When you need a yard ramp for your loading dock sooner rather than later, don’t overlook the possibility of purchasing used equipment. Used ramps are in stock and available faster than a new ramp made to order, and the price is usually lower than purchasing new.

Buying used yard ramps allows you to increase productivity at your facility that much faster. While concerns about reliability are valid, you can alleviate those fears by asking a few simple questions prior to making your purchase.

Has the used ramp been inspected?

At Copperloy, we use a 44-point detailed inspection checklist to certify that your used yard ramp is in excellent working condition. Some examples of things we check are structural integrity, hydraulics and overall working order. The more detailed the inspection, the better.

Is the ramp covered under any kind of warranty?

At Copperloy, we inspect and then resell only Copperloy-branded yard ramps. We’re able to offer a 6-month warranty on the hydraulic portion of the ramp, as well as a 3-year warranty on the ramp structure. If the used ramp you’re considering doesn’t offer any type of warranty, you may want to reconsider your purchase.

Are used ramps available to Copperloy distributors?

Yes! Let us know what your customer needs, and if we have a used ramp in stock that matches those specifications, we’ll certainly let you know. You fulfill your customer’s request that much faster and at a lower cost.

Recently, we had a customer that needed a ramp in a hurry. While our standard ramps are usually constructed in about 2 weeks, this particular client was on an accelerated schedule. We happened to have a used yard ramp in stock that fit their application. As far as timing and cost, the ramp was a perfect fit. The customer also benefitted from our detailed inspection and the peace of mind a factory-certified product provides.

In the market for a used ramp for your warehouse or industrial facility? We can help narrow down your search. Contact us today to find out more.