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Yard Ramp Safety | Copperloy2023-09-14T15:19:52-04:00

Yard Ramp Safety | A Top Priority

At Copperloy, safety is a leading priority. Therefore, we want our clients to have the best resources when it comes to yard ramp safety. In addition to manuals and, of course, excellent customer service, our website serves as a resource too! From user-friendly features to loading/unloading tips, Copperloy has you covered.

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Copperloy Dock Equipment | Yard Ramp Safety Features

Copperloy designs dock equipment with safety in mind. Standard features increase safety and user-friendliness.


An 8-foot level off provides forklifts and other moving equipment easy access. This feature makes for a very stable ramp.


A 15-inch lip design rests firmly on the truck carrier body, dock floor, or platform. The lip plate ensures a secure connection. Additionally, mobile ramps come with 8-foot long safety chains. Both features bridge the gap and assure that the ramp won’t pull away.


Standard on all Copperloy ramps, high strength steel grating offers all-weather traction. Steel grating bars are spaced to allow rain, snow, and other debris to fall through the yard ramp.


All Copperloy ramps have 7″ high safety curbs. Safety curbs help prevent incidental runoff and protect the safety of the operator. All part of Copperloy’s patented box frame!

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Yard Ramp Safety Tips

In addition to structural benefits, Copperloy has composed a list of helpful safety tips!

Check Equipment Capabilities – Made in the USA, Copperloy ramps are built with ultimate durability and made to last. Though constructed with the highest quality of metals, all things have their limits. Be sure not to exceed maximum load capacity.

Use Wheel Chocks – Combine standard ramp features with dock equipment accessories and Copperloy sets you up for success. Copperloy accessories include aluminum wheel chocks. Wheel chocks prevent dangerous movement during loading tasks. A snug fit offers maximum holding and protection from involuntary movements from jolts and shifting.

Unload on a Level Surface – Beneath the ramp, the ground should be solid. Ideally, unload on concrete or pavement.

Secure Ramp Connection Make sure the lip of the ramp securely connects to the dock or truck. Additionally, attach safety chains when applicable.

Move at Safe Speeds – Do not exceed 5mph when using the towbar. The towbar is intended for short distances. Also, the positioning sleeve is designed to maneuver and reposition the ramp, not to tow long distances.

Maintain and Check Ramp Conditions – Check for signs of rust or damage prior to use. It is also important to monitor hydraulic fluid on ramps that use a hydraulic operation to adjust height. Additionally, it is also important to monitor the condition of the loading dock. Check for cracks, damage, etcetera.

Overall, use common sense. Check capacity, ensure stability, and properly maintain equipment. For added measure, keep a few common spare parts on hand with Copperloy accessories. Contact the Copperloy team with any questions!

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