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Product Resources and Downloads 
You’ve come to Copperloy looking for the very best equipment to make your operations safer, more efficient and profitable. And for over 60 years, this is exactly what we’ve been doing. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, in-house engineering staff and an experienced technical sales team, we have what it takes to supply you with the equipment that meets your specifications.

To learn more about any of our products, browse or download the loading dock equipment resources below. You’ll find brocures, manuals, and collections of loading dock equipment specifications to help you start your search.

Whatever your looking for, Copperloy has it, so be sure to dive into our loading dock equipment resources and as always, feel free to contact us for additional information today.

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Mobile Ramps
Brochure – Mobile Container Ramp
Specifications – Mobile Container Ramp
Owner’s Manual – Mobile Container Ramp

Dock-to-Ground Ramps
Brochure – Dock-to-Ground Ramp
Specifications – Dock-to-Ground Ramp
Owner’s Manual – Dock-to-Ground Ramp

Rail Boards
Brochure – Rail Boards

Portable Platforms
Specifications – Portable Platforms

Dock Lifts
Brochure – Dock Lifts
Specifications – Dock Lifts
Owner’s Manual – Dock Lifts
Owner’s Manual – Surface Mount Dock Lifts

Van Ramps
Brochure – Aluminum Van Ramp
Specifications – Van Ramp [/one_half]

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Edge of Dock Levelers
Brochure – Edge of Dock Leveler
Specifications – Edge of Dock Leveler
Owner’s Manual – Edge of Dock Leveler

Hydraulic and Ergonomic Lift Tables
Brochure – Copperloy Hydraulic Lift Tables
Specifications – Copperloy Lift Tables
Owner’s Manual – Ergonomic Lift Tables

Hydraulic Power Unity for Edge of Dock Leveler
Hydraulic Power Unit for Edge of Dock Leveler

Trailer Jack
Brochure – Trailer Jack

Dock Boards and Dock Plates
Brochure – Dock Boards and Rail Boards
Determining Dock Board Capacity and Length
Specifications – Dock Board
Specifications – Dock Plate

Steel Bumper Guard
Steel Face Bumper Guard [/one_half]