Copperloy Dock Ramp Design

Ramps for Loading Docks and Warehouses

Copperloy is the dock equipment industry leader. When you need any type of ramp for your current facility, we have it. Loading docks need to be efficient and safe. Docks can be a dangerous place, especially when on forklifts. As a forklift travels over uneven grades, the chance for injury increases. Ramps that bridge the gap between elevations help to keep the forklift stable and everyone safe.

Portable Ramps and Dock to Ground Ramps

Custom Warehouse Ramp

Our stationary ramps and mobile yard ramps provide you with a durable solution which can be traversed by trucks and other vehicles from grade level to dock height. Standard specifications include capacities ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 lbs, lengths from 20 to 36 feet, and height ranges of either 38 to 60 inches, or 22 to 38 inches.

Boards and Plates

dock board with welded curbs

With our array of dock boards and plates, you can bridge the gap, literally and figuratively, and enjoy a more productive, more efficient and safer work environment. Copperloy produces a huge array of dockboards and plates with different capacities, features and specifications. Not everyone realizes that a dock board or plate can be a ramp too. But even if there isn’t a height difference at the dock, they are still ramps and vital to safe material handeling. We offer dock boards and plates in both aluminum and steel with multiple curb options.

Custom Dock Ramps for Unique Specificatoins

Plus, we have an in-house engineering team which is ready to handle your needs for custom manufacturing, steel fabrication and custom design. There’s no challenge too difficult, and no specification or circumstance too unique — we’ll always develop the perfect solution, tailor-made for your real world application. With more than 60 years of experience, you can always count on the all-American made Copperloy, and our diverse lineup of loading dock and material handling equipment. Call us today at  800-321-4968  for more information, or with any questions on our dock ramps and related loading dock equipment and accessories.

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Quality Dock Boards over the edge of the dock to ground ramp

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