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When Looking for a Portable Loading Dock for Sale Choose Copperloy

Copperloy’s portable loading docks also known as platforms are the perfect solution for businesses with no permanent location or for those with limited space. These platforms are used in combination with our stationary dock to ground ramps, and mobile yard ramps. Allowing for industries to create a loading dock just about anywhere when coupled with mobile yard ramps. 

Platform ramps create a longer level approach and allow forklifts to make a 90 degree turn into trucks for safe maneuvering. Portable loading docks offer economical solutions for expanding your current dock issues. Save time, money, and the overall hassle of planning and construction when you choose Copperloy’s steel platform docks. 

Copperloy Portable Loading Dock – Steel Platform Standard Features

Maximum Capacity

The standard capacities of Copperloy platform ramps range from 16,000 to 30,000 pounds. Along with a variety of widths and lengths. Additionally, the platforms can be bolted together to create custom widths and lengths. 

Heavy-Duty Structure 

The engineered heavy-duty structure of Copperloy’s portable loading docks comes standard with fixed steel legs. Including Holes in steel legs included to lag to the ground for a permanent structure. Optional adjustable legs to meet most dock height requirements are available.  

Box Frame Construction 

The standard 6-inch safety curbs help prevent accidental runoff. The two removable 6-inch curbs can easily be positioned on any two sides of the portable loading dock. With our exclusive hollow section design and proprietary, the box frame construction is built to take the stress of heavy loads and the extra strain of cargo breakout.

All- Weathered Decking 

The platform comes standard with an all-welded steel platform. Providing extra durability in the toughest applications. The tread plate deck and side plates are made from A572-50 high strength steel for superior strength. The steel bar grating is 1-¾” thick and spaced 1” apart. Therefore, resisting clogging from debris, and ensuring an all-weather, high-traction running surface for the forklift operators. 

Designed for Maneuverability 

Easily relocate Copperloy’s steel platform to other locations of the yard. Lift sleeves allow for safe and easy handling and maneuverability of the platforms with a forklift. 

Copperloy’s Portable Loading Dock Platform Optional Features 

Bridge the Gap 

Copperloy’s edge of dock levelers can be installed on any side of the platform. Enhance loading dock productivity, efficiency, all the while reducing stress and risk of injury for employees. The factory will prep the platform for field installation. 

Keeping Employees Safe 

To ensure the safety of employees we offer optional handrails that can be added to platforms at any length required. Constructed in all steel and consist of 42-inch high split handrails, to provide visibility for forklift operators. 

Custom Fabrication

As with any of Copperloy’s loading dock equipment, our in-house engineers can customize platforms for any unique specifications and requirements. 

Expand Your Loading Dock with a Copperloy Portable Loading Dock 

Copperloy’s portable loading docks offer the convenience of increasing your current available dock space. When two or more are bolted together you can design the width and length that best fits your loading dock operations needs and requirements. If your business is currently looking for a portable loading dock for sale contact a Copperloy representative today to learn more about how you can take your loading dock operations to the next level. For high-quality, durable, and versatile portable loading docks, there’s no better choice than Copperloy. 

Visit our Specs, Manuals, and Brochures page for more information on all Copperloy loading dock equipment. 

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Platform Curbs

6″ portable loading dock safety curbs to prevent accidental runoff. Exclusive hollow section design and proprietary box frame construction take the stress of heavy loads and the extra strain of cargo breakout.

Portable Dock Ramp

Platform Deck Grating

A mobile loading platform from Copperloy is constructed of electro-forged serrated steel for superior strength. Grating bearing bars are 1-3/4″″ thick. These bars are designed to offer extra durability in the roughest of applications. Bars are spaced 1″ apart to resist clogging of debris and to ensure an all-weather, high-traction running surface.

Forklift Ramp

Lift Sleeves

Part of making a platform portable is creating easy ways to move it! Lift loops are provided for easy handling and repositioning of the platforms with a forklift.

Portable Steel Platforms from Copperloy®

Portable Steel Platforms

Steel Platforms come in capacities up to 30,000 pounds and lengths reaching 12 feet. Steel platforms are heavier and require a forklift to move, but have higher capacities.  Contact the factory for portable steel platform specifications.

Loading Dock Platform from Copperloy®

Handrail Option

Handrails can be added to any platform at any length required. Our 42-inch high split handrail are constructed in all steel.

Custom Loading Dock Platform from Copperloy®

Custom Platform Options

With an in-house engineering team, Copperloy offers tailor-made temporary platforms for any unique problem or specification.

Additional Videos

View our mobile yard ramp videos here and visit us on YouTube for more of our videos!

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